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Old Factory has been around a long time ironically as the name suggests and this special gift pack of three 4 ounce candles is a real delight because it comes in three of their best signature scents. The

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The three flavor variety pack.

scents you will get to enjoy are leather, mahogany and razor!  I first saw this and was like “wow, that’s sort of weird.”  But then I got curious and figured, let me see what this is all about.  If you scroll to the bottom of this review, you’ll see a funny video I did when I first opened up this product, which makes not only a great gift to yourself, but also to your buddies.

Best Price Online:   Amazon.com

Old Factory Candles Review

They are well known and really lend themselves to that old masculine English experience when you burn them in your house.  Who doesn’t want to have the rich smell of mahogany?  (Which is one of my favorite lines from the movie “The Anchorman.”

I laugh every time I hear that line…..”I have many leather bound books, and my apartment smells of RICH MAHOGANY.”  Classic Will Farrell.

What Makes Them Special

They are manufactured using soy wax rather than the other synthetic stuff which probably has repercussions for your health and so on when burned on a regular basis. All the materials are made in the United States so you can be sure there are no cheap imported ingredients in there. There is also no inclusion of lead and the wicks sort of trim themselves so you can have that optimum level burning experience without worrying about the candle or any subsequent mess since they come in heat resistance glass containers. Furthermore the scent is a result of fragrance oils which have a natural origin.

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Fresh out of the box and delivered within two days, thanks to Amazon Prime.

The Contents Of The Gift Pack of Candles

You get three candles in each pack and the packaging is very sophisticated and chic so the product does appear to be a lot more expensive than it really is because if you buy from Amazon you will be getting it at the extremely affordable price of $29.83 on sale. These sales are periodic in nature and it is possible you might get a further discount if you usually order a lot of items from the site in question. One candle can burn for up to 30 hours which is remarkable and also a testament to the kind of quality that Old Factory is known for.

The jar design is very simple and plain with a metallic chic lid and the letter ‘Old Factory’ written in an old 18th Century font. You can place this anywhere although they are mostly used in the bedroom and the bathroom to create a relaxing ambience. They are wonderfully safe for burning anywhere else in the house and they will tie in with any color combination because of their colors which are very neutral.

You can give these as a great gift for bridal showers and colleague birthday since they are exactly the right price and they seem an appropriate item to either add in a gift basket or give on its own if you do not know the person too well. They are also gender neutral which means they are great for both men and women.

Customer Service

The customer service is to die for because they offer full refunds and also pay for courier charges for the product to be returned to them should there be a problem in your piece or if you find yourself repulsed by the fragrances and so on. You can buy this gift pack online and give it to someone special or keep for yourself. Buy from Amazon to get the biggest discount and the best price for this item.

That concludes my Old Factory Candle Review.  I’m loving the rich smell of Mahogany and invite you to add that to your home office as well!

Again the best price I found was on Amazon.com.

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