Hampton Bay Patio Furniture From Home Depot

Ok, so if you own a house in sunny South Florida then chances are you enjoy grilling out and hanging on your patio. I’m a huge fan of being outside and using the grill. It’s a heck of a lot more enjoyable with some Hampton Bay patio furniture to feast on over the winter months.

barnsdale teak hampton bay patio furniture

Hampton Bay Patio Furniture Fruition

My patio literally looked sad and I immediately knew that nice furniture wasn’t a must have in terms of being a guy but like tons of there men that like to fix things, I spend time at Home Depot. One day, while I was out on a mission for some tools and supplies, I came across a deal I couldn’t refuse for patio furniture. I saw this Barnsdale Teak 7 Piece Patio Furniture and Dining Set and I had to have it.

The table was pretty slick looking with a nice teak wooden top and stainless steel legs with a light gray finish. Soon as I saw it I knew that it was going to be perfect for grilling and partying in my backyard in Miami, FL. Oh, but it gets much better than that. I was able to basically steal this table, getting it brand new for 50% off. That saved me $375.00 without even trying to do so! I love saving cash when I don’t mean to. It feels like Christmas when that happens and I never tire of having it happen. The table comes in a 3 box set and I only had to assemble the table. As you can see I had to move a rug and temporarily make ¬†some room for the boxes when I first got them.

hampton bay patio furniture

Who am I kidding, I screwed on the legs to the table top and called it a day. The whole process took about 1.5 hours in terms of getting it home, unpacked and put together. This table is so new that it’s literally still in my living room. I can’t wait to put this to good use and start having more cookouts! If you’re looking for a solid set of patio furniture then I’d suggest hitting home depot and speaking to one of the employees in the home and garden section. You can thank me later!

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