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If you happen to love jerky in all of its forms and flavors, (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t) you’re definitely going to appreciate the amazing subscription service known as Jerky Snob. The great thing about the service is they strictly focus on quality, so you know you’ll be getting the highest quality jerky products currently available on the market today. If you’re a fan of Grill Masters Club, we think you’ll love this as well.

When you buy jerky in a gas station or at your local convenience store, you know you’re getting the worst of the worst that they have to offer. Typically, you’ll buy jerky that is filled with tons of preservatives, nitrates, and loaded with unhealthy chemicals that everyone would obviously rather avoid. With Jerky Snob, not only do you get great tasting jerky delivered right to your door every month, you get high-quality products that are the most healthy and great tasting available on the market at the time.

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So if you’re ever looking for someone to curate your jerky experience, then you should absolutely consider looking into Jerky Snob a little bit further and join their subscription service to test it out for yourself. You never know, you may absolutely love the service – and who wouldn’t since jerky is so awesome – and decide that this inexpensive subscription is one you plan to keep for many years to come.

What Is Jerky Snob?

As you may already be able to tell from previous comments, Jerky Snob is a subscription jerky service with a specific focus in mind. This monthly subscription was designed to help customers get the highest quality, healthiest jerky available on the market. But they also focus on taste as well, so not only is it going to be good for you, it’s also going to taste great – which is something you cannot say for a lot of healthy foods.

At Jerky Snob, they have made it their mission to find top-notch, high quality, great tasting jerky. Kind of like the amazing meat at Snake River Farms. They scour the world looking for this amazing food and snack option so they can deliver it directly to your door. And since the biggest focus of all is to make sure their customers are eating only the healthiest options, they not only taste test each and every jerky that they deliver as part of their subscription, they also look at the contents, ingredients, and whether or not the jerky is loaded with preservatives and chemicals.

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So if you’re looking for the healthiest jerky options available today, just know that Jerky Snob definitely has your back. They created this subscription service to ensure that other people who love jerky also get to eat high-quality healthy options instead of the junk that you typically buy in a gas station or convenience store. You no longer have to worry about eating crappy jerky that isn’t healthy for anyone any longer once you get this amazing subscription.

How Much Does It Cost to Become a Member of Jerky Snob’s Monthly Subscription?

Obviously, you’ll want to know exactly how much you have to pay for a Jerky Snob subscription box. Just know that whether you’re buying it for yourself or you plan to give it as a gift to somebody you love, this is an affordable subscription that is available at three different levels and three different price points.

The first subscription level is going to cost you $15 per month. At this level, you will receive two bags of jerky delivered directly to your door on a monthly basis. Each bag has about 2 ounces of jerky within it, so the total is about 4 ounces altogether.

The second level subscription currently retails for $27 per month. In this subscription, the recipient is going to get a half pound of jerky delivered to them at home or at work on a monthly basis. This subscription is made up of four bags of jerky, and each bag contains about 2 ounces worth of jerky snacks to munch on at work, at home, or at any other point during the day.

The final subscription level is going to cost those interested $54 per month. At this level, you will get 1 pound of high-quality, healthy, great tasting jerky delivered directly to your door at home or at the office or anywhere else you may desire to have it delivered. At this level, you’ll receive eight 2 ounce bags of jerky and you’ll be able to enjoy this healthy and amazing treat wherever you take it.

Final Thoughts

The Jerky Snob monthly subscription box is remarkable if you like eating great tasting, healthy, wonderfully curated jerky. It’s like the BroBasket, except for jerky! We highly recommend trying this subscription to see if you like it.

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