In 2017, barbecue aficionados are all about smoking their meat and rightfully so since this is such an amazing way to cook high quality barbecue that everybody absolutely loves. If you are interested in becoming an expert at smoking your food, you’re going to need to convert your grill into a smoker first and foremost. That’s why the Smokenator website is so important and one of the reasons why it’s so popular at this time.

People love going to the Smokenator website because they make it easier than ever to convert your grill into a smoker without any difficulty whatsoever. There high quality smoker kits are simple to use, easy to install, even easier to operate, and once you get the hang of it you’ll have no trouble smoking all kinds of meat on a regular basis and you and your family are going to be happy as hell because you took the bull by the horns and decide to beef up your grill.

With that said, we’ll take a closer look at the Smokenator smoker kits, tell you how this website works, go over a few other important things that everyone needs to know, and even take a brief look at some of the different options that they’ve made available to everyone.

smokenator kit for grills

How Does the Smokenator Kit Work?

More important than anything else, many people come to this website because they’re trying to find out specifically how a Smokenator kit works. They understand the concept in theory, but they want to learn more about how it goes in actual practice.

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The start things off, you’ll need to actually own a Weber kettle grill in order to make this multipurpose water smoker work. Without this grill, you will not be able to use it to convert it into a smoker. So if you do not have a Weber kettle grill already, then you’ll have to buy one of those as well in order to take advantage of the smoker features.

Next, it’s important to understand that you’re not actually going to convert your Weber kettle grill by transforming it into a smoker. Your grill will still work the way it normally does, and the smoker attachment is going to rest on the side of the kettle. And since the device isn’t that large, you can still have plenty of room to grill, smoke a 25 pound turkey, and never have to worry about not having enough room to smoke your valuable meat.

Everything You Need to Successfully Operate a Smokenator

Learning how to operate a Smokenator is only part of the process. You obviously need to have all of the right pieces in place if you’re going to be able to smoke delicious food on a daily basis. To help you get started correctly, we’re going to share information about everything you need to own in order to successfully operate your Smokenator. Once you have all of the pieces in place, it will be easier than ever to smoke delicious meat and feed you and your family great tasting, healthy, phenomenal barbecue and smoked meat options. The list of items you’ll need includes the following:

  • Weber kettle – the Weber kettle you need to own must have the four tabs that have the ability to hold the food support grill. Without this option, you will not be able to use your Smokenator and you’ll have to buy a new grill if you do not have the correct one to get started.
  • Hinged cooking grate – this grate is especially important because it is known as the food support grill. As just briefly mentioned, the grill a.k.a. hinged cooking grate is an absolutely necessary component to making the smoker work so do not think you’ll be able to use it without one.
  • Charcoal chimney
  • Wood chunks – wood chunks are necessary because they help to create the smoke flavor. It’s the wood that’s going to make the meat taste so amazing, so you definitely have to invest in high-quality wood chunks that give off an amazing smoke flavor on all of your meat.
  • Tongs – you’ll need a good pair of tongs whenever you get into smoking meat. You’ll need these tongs to flip to meat over so that it thoroughly cooks all the way through. You’ll also needed to handle the meat after it’s been cooked, so having a good set of times on hand will help protect you from accidentally burning yourself or worse.
  • Water container – you’ll need a container to hold a couple of quarts of water. This is vital to be able to specifically use the smoker, so make sure you have a big enough container on hand and fill it with water as well.
  • Oven mitts – again, the food is going to be incredibly hot after you smoke it and the grill and kettle are also going to heat up tremendously. Make sure you have a good pair of oven mitts on hand or think about investing in the Ove Glove, which is probably even better because it will prevent burns on your hands from taking place. Prevention is obviously the key to staying in good health, so oven mitts or better is definitely a real requirement.

grill kit from Smokenator

Smokenator Kits Available on Their Website

As mentioned, there are number of popular kits available on their website. Take a look at the following kits and see which one matches up with your Weber grill. The kits include:

  • Smokenator Prism
  • Smokenator 1000 – smoker kit for Weber 22 inch charcoal grills
  • Smokenator 1000 + hovergrill smoker kit – also designed for 22 inch Weber charcoal grills
  • Smokenator 2600 – design with 26 inch Weber charcoal grills in mind
  • Smokenator2600 + hovergrill smoker kit – also designed for 26 inch Weber charcoal grills
  • Smokenator 180 – designed to work with 18 inch Weber charcoal grills
  • Smokenator 180J – designed to work with jumbo 18 inch Weber charcoal grills


The Smokenator team has really outdone themselves. They make it easier than ever to turn your Weber kettle grill into a meat smoker’s paradise. You’re going to love the food after cooking with this amazing attachment so definitely try it soon.

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