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If you’re looking for tool-like utility, and perhaps, a bit of security on an everyday basis you need to carry a knife. Carrying a knife at all times can seem a little ominous at first, but you never know when you’re going to have to defend yourself from a perp…or an errant thread on your jacket. For quality construction, durability, variety and collectibility coupled with a century plus company history, Boker Knives is the brand to own. I’ll take a look at their new Aurora Pocket Knife, but first a little about this long standing company.

titianium back showing pocket clip of the Boker AuroraBoker Tree Brand knives are made in Solingen, Germany and have been since 1869. Yes, since 1869. They are handmade. You know, by people. These knives are not mass produced by some Terminator-style machine production line. Craftsmen produce Boker Tree Brand knives using quality materials so the Boker Tree Brand knives that you purchase will maintain their incomparable quality after you purchase them. Long after you purchase them. Generations long. The Boker Brand knife that you carry with you today can be passed down and still be carried and used by your Great Grand Children. This is legendary quality of both expert craftsmanship and materials.

Boker also produces their Arbolito Brand of knives. You can expect the same type of high-end knives from the Aroblito brand that has been produced for decades in South America as from the Boker Tree Brand knives produced in Germany.

Boker knives are revered by both sportsmen and collectors. However, they don’t stop there. They also manufacture amazing quality kitchen cutlery. In other words, Boker has you covered. Their product line is extraordinary in terms of type and assortment. Whether you want to skin a buck you just dropped from 70 yards out, splice a section of monofilament before casting for your next lunker, saw off a piece of limb and whittle it down to replace a broken tent stake, carve like a pro in the kitchen or simply like to be prepared for life’s many surprises, Boker has a knife, actually many models of knives, that will help you perform your chosen task at a level you’ve probably only dreamed about!

Now, let’s take a look at one of the great knives that Boker produces.

Boker Aurora

machined grip boker auroraWhen it comes to pocketknives, you would be hard pressed to find a knife that combines elegance and durability of both design and craftmanship exceeding that of the newly released Boker Aurora.

Designed by the renowned Jens Anso in Solingen Germany, the Aurora is a highly functional work of art that just happens to be a kick-ass drop point blade framelock knife. With a blade open length of 7 3/8” and the steel blade itself measuring 3 1/9” the Aurora is easily and unobtrusively carried in your pocket. The curve of the blade provides ample belly for cutting.

Boker has incorporated hearty chunks of titanium in this framelock design to provide unbelievable stability. Yet, they have not abandoned appearance as they have utilized radial milling to add to “wow factor” when you see this knife in person. However, that milling also serves to provide great grip traction. With pure dedication to every aspect of this knife, Boker has utilized a two-tone anodizing on the frame which provides a grayish-blue base tone and there is bronze colored highlighting along the ridges.

The blade of the Boker Aurora is, of course, steel. I have tried to impress upon you the meticulous nature of the individuals at Boker. Their choice of blade steel, the machining and the finish all point to this quality. The blade is 154CM steel that has a Rockwell hardness of 58-61. This is top dog quality steel that is well known to hold an edge. Not just a pretty picture of a knife to admire and show off, the Aurora is crafted for field use and maximum cutting. Boker chose to use a thick 4mm blade that is flat ground and then gave it a stonewash finish.

Amazingly, the Boker Aurora only tips the scales at 5.1 ounces and it comes with a pocket clip that is detachable. The clip orients tip down and is only right-hand carry. Some don’t really care for a tip down carry in a folding knife, but I think that is a minor bitch with the Aurora.

Form, function, appearance, durability and more all come together in the new Boker Aurora pocketknife!

the aurora opened

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