Pornhub Powered Smart Fridge

All you porn junkies, listen up!  You’ve just met your new refrigerator!

I first read about this on this website, and apparently Reddit had some serious traction after this big reveal!

Look, I have no problem with watching porn.  But do I need this in my kitchen, in plain site of my child?  I think I just answered that question for myself.

However, if I could keep my kid out of my man cave area, then I think this is a serious winner!

I will be curious if anyone I know gets one of these or even gets to go to someone’s house who has one of these.  I’m honestly shocked at this release, given our society and the judging that goes on already.  Are we supposed to expect people whacking off in their kitchens now?  Is that going to be a thing?  #askingforafriend

Okay, well, here is is an image I scooped up.

Pornhub’s Smart Fridge

Here is a pic.

Pornhub Fridge

“I was going to make dinner, but got caught up watching porn.”

Shield Yourself Now

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