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Sometimes we just want to take advantage of a simple yet healthy snack that we can enjoy outside, in the comfort of our own home, or while on the go. Finding this simple yet great tasting grub is never the easiest thing to accomplish, or at least that’s how it used to be until now.

There’s a new sheriff in town as far as beef jerky is concerned. The company that we’re talking about today is called Simple Jerky, and they are based in Texas and have some of the best tasting beef jerky you’ll ever try in your life. Not only is it excellent tasting and healthy, it’s also very affordable, flavorful, and readily available to you if you decide to order online.

For some reason, there are still people in this world that have no problem buying MSG filled, overly processed beef jerky from their local gas station or supermarket checkout line. This food is not healthy, it’s filled with preservatives and MSG so it causes high blood pressure, and it’s definitely something you should avoid as often as possible.

Plus, the meat used in the supermarket checkout beef jerky leaves a lot to be desired. It’s not high-quality meat, it isn’t really going to put you in a healthy state of affairs, and if you aren’t careful you can actually get sick if you eat too much of it.

That’s why you have to focus on getting high-quality beef jerky. And it’s the reason why you need to start buying it online from Simple Jerky. This company really cares about their customers, they produce top quality products with the most talented cooks in the business and their jerky is simply delicious.

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Why Simple Jerky Makes a Great Snack

Every once in a while you just need a juicy meat stick to satisfy your craving for a tasty, savory, healthy snack. It’s never easy to get these healthy snacks in the supermarket these days because their aisles are filled with so much processed junk. Forget about trying to buy it in a convenience store, the local deli, or even a gas station. You’re only going to have a chance to buy unhealthy beef jerky that isn’t even worth the investment.

Where to Buy Simple Jerky?  Online – – – > Click here.

On the other side of the coin, if you want high quality, great tasting, affordable beef made into a stick, then Simple Jerky is definitely the company for you to look into more. Because they really have you covered and they have gone out of their way to create products that not only taste great, but are also very healthy for you. So you get the best of all worlds when you buy beef jerky from this company based in Texas.

As far as the meat is concerned, their products are designed to satisfy your hunger and all of your cravings. This is good because you never know when hunger’s going to strike when you’re outdoors on a hiking trail, kayaking, or fishing with family members and friends. If you’re going to go camping, you’ll also want a healthy tasting meat snack available to grab and go because you never know when you’re going to need a quick fix to satisfy your hunger pangs when they catch you off guard.

Getting back to why simple jerky is so tasty and healthy for you, this product is the ideal jerky choice because it’s satisfying, wholesome, and tender. But let’s not forget about the health aspects of this amazing product line as well. This is such good beef jerky because it doesn’t contain any MSG, hormones, or preservatives. It’s naturally prepared, they only use local ingredients, and they actually care about their customers and work hard to make sure their health and well-being will only improve from their healthy beef jerky sticks, not become deteriorated like other MSG laden products that you’ll find in the grocery, gas station, and convenience stores.

So stop going out of your way to harm yourself with terrible beef jerky snacks and only buy the best that money can buy at this point. The good thing about Simple Jerky is it’s very easy to have their products shipped directly to your door, because all you have to do is visit their website, place an order, and they’ll ship it directly to you in no time at all.

What Types of Beef Jerky Flavors Are Available from Simple Jerky?

One of the best things about Simple Jerky is they have a wide range of flavors available for you to enjoy on their website. Some of their top jerky flavors include BBQ mesquite, original pepper, volcanic jalapeno, jalapeno flavored bacon jerky, sriracha flavored bacon jerky, sweet and spicy jerky and orange teriyaki to name the bulk of their best options.

But that’s far from the only jerky being sold on this website, because they also have liquid flavors to tantalize your taste buds as well. There liquid flavors include tequila flavored beef jerky, rum flavored beef jerky, beer flavored beef jerky, and whiskey flavored beef jerky.

So if you’re looking for a liquid alcohol flavored jerky snack to carry around in your pocket until hunger strikes, you’re definitely in the right place because Simple Jerky certainly has you covered. Their awesome selection is going to have you falling head over heels in love with beef jerky again because it tastes great, it’s good for you, it doesn’t contain any crappy preservatives and other terrible ingredients, and the company cares enough about their customers to keep their prices affordable.

How Much Does Beef Jerky Cost from Simple Jerky?

To get a better idea of the cost, we highly recommend visiting their website. But to give you a taste of some of the prices, here’s a brief sampling to consider:

  • two bags of beef jerky for $15.98
  • three bags of beef jerky for $23.97
  • BBQ mesquite costs $7.99
  • jalapeno bacon jerky for $7.49

Final Thoughts

You’ll never go wrong buying beef jerky from the Simple Jerky website. It’s high-quality meat without all of the preservatives and MSG. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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