Sometimes we want to take advantage of all of the creature comforts of delivery, but we do not necessarily want to eat unhealthy, processed, bad food from the local take-out joint or fast food delivery place. We want the best of all worlds when we want a juicy burger in the comfort of our own home.

BurgaBox is an amazing meal kit delivery service from the cofounders of the Boston Burger Company. And the service is great, because they deliver you all the ingredients you need to create a tasty burger, fries, sides, and so much more. Yet you have these ingredients delivered to you at home as part of a meal kit that you’ll get sent to your house once a month. How’s that for convenience?

BurgaBox Review – How Good Are These Burgers?

For most people, they really love BurgaBox because they get to take advantage of high quality food, affordable prices, and quick delivery that they can count on every month. So when that craving for a great tasting burger hits, you’ll know that your monthly order is right around the corner. So you’re going to be able to make a great tasting, delicious, humongous burger with all the fixings and the best side dishes like mac & cheese, sweet potato fries, and so much more.

delivery burgers from Burga Box

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If you aren’t completely enamored with the idea of having BurgaBox delivered to your door every month, then you obviously need to get your head examined! Just kidding. But you should reconsider this awesome option because the food tastes great, it’s so convenient having this stuff delivered to you right at home or at work, and you’ll be the envy of everyone when they come to your house and see you have these great tasting burgers shipped directly to you every month.

Your friends and family are bound to ask you where you’re getting this awesome food from. So you can tell them all about BurgaBox and let them know about this amazing delivery service and the exciting meal kits they provide.

The Story of BurgaBox

Even though BurgaBox is a relatively new company since it only launched in September 2016, it’s already making huge waves in the meal kit delivery service world. And so many people have not held back and happily told the world how much they love the remarkable food through online reviews and testimonials.

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When the three co-founders first launched the Boston Burger Company, they had tested out a few different meal kit delivery services and at that time they were very underwhelmed with the options that were currently available to everyone. They decided to take this industry to the next level by providing people with an exciting restaurant experience right in the comfort of their own home, instead of giving them boring, dull, tasteless food that nobody really wants in the first place.

That’s why BurgaBox was born. They wanted to create a meal kit delivery service that goes above and beyond anyone’s regular expectations. And they wanted to make sure that it contained top-of-the-line burgers, top-notch ingredients, mac & cheese and French fries. And it had to be delivered directly to the person’s door in order to make it the huge success that they wanted it to be. They went out of their way to revolutionize the meal kit delivery industry and they have created a product that so many people have a tendency to love.

How Does the BurgaBox Meal Kit Delivery Service Work?

Since you’re probably wondering how this delivery service works, we’ve decided to spell it out for you since it’s one of the most exciting meal kits you could ever find on the planet today. You’re definitely going to want to give it a try.

Here’s the thing… They are going to send you all the ingredients that we recently mentioned above like burgers, fixings, mac & cheese, fries, buns, and the whole 9 yards and they’re going to ship it directly to you once a month. Also, they make it very simple for you to prepare and cook the food by sending a list of simple instructions right in the box. So you only have to follow the instructions as they lay them out to you and you can prepare a gourmet restaurant style meal in the comfort of your own home whenever it’s most convenient for you.

As an example, if you have the guys coming over for football on Sunday, it might be the perfect time to put together a quick, tasty, restaurant style burger and fries meal with the best tasting mac & cheese on the planet. Your buddies are going to fall head over heels in love with the food, and when you mix in a couple of beers and a few drinks everyone is happy!

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By subscribing to the service, you’ll join the BurgaBox of the Month Club and get awesome ingredients, never before seen recipes, phenomenal burgers, mac & cheese, fries, and the best tasting food you could ever imagine and it’s going to come to your door each month. You can’t ask for a better service, and if you are a burger aficionado of any kind, you’ll absolutely love BurgaBox and everything that it’s about.

hamburgers and sides from BurgaBox

BurgaBox Ordering Options

There are two ways to order. You can join the BurgaBox of the Month Club as a subscriber and have the burgers, never before seen recipes, mac & cheese, fries, and fixings delivered to you at home or you can place a one-off order which will also be delivered directly to your door. The choice is yours so we’ll leave it up to you.

Many people start out by placing a one-off order just to see if they like the food. But more often than not, they think these burgers and sides are so good that they can’t wait to join the subscription service. So something to think about and be prepared to be blown away by this wicked tasty food!

Do yourself a favor and give BurgaBox a try today. You will definitely be impressed by the great tasting meal kits that you get to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

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