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If you live in the United States, you obviously want to buy the best tasting steak and other excellent meats from the best American companies. Finding the right steak seller is never necessarily the easiest thing to accomplish. But if you trust those who have come before you and taste tested some of the best online sellers, you’ll come to realize that Chicago Steak Company has an excellent reputation for a very good reason.

Their reputation precedes them because they are a company that has been around for nearly 150 years. They were originally founded in 1865 in the Union Stock Yards in Chicago and they have been delivering high-quality meat for the entire time. They proudly sell the best tasting hand cut, Midwestern raised USDA prime beef. To put it bluntly, they have some of the very best steaks that money can buy.

Why Do I Buy From Chicago Steak Company?

The reason why you should seriously consider buying your meat from the Chicago Steak Company is they go out of their way to make sure they deliver high-quality cuts to all their customers. They use centuries-old techniques to properly raise, trim, and age every one of the steaks they sell. And when they sell them to you and deliver them directly to your door, each one of their steaks is going to come vacuum sealed in an individually wrapped pack. This will help lock in the freshness, flavor, and the amazing taste.

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The quality of the steaks they sell go back for generations, which is why so many people get incredibly excited every time they bite into one of the steaks sold by the Chicago Steak Company. This company believes in tradition, has made a commitment to each and every one of their customers to only provide the finest American beef, and every one of the pieces of meat that they get is sourced exclusively from cattle ranches in the Midwest. They do this because these cattle are raise correctly, so you’re going to have the best marbling, tenderness, and amazing flavor because the cattle have the best bloodlines and they are raised in the top growing conditions.

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Why Is the Chicago Steak Company so Popular in the US?

More important than anything else, this company is incredibly popular in the US because they know how to properly age steaks to get the most flavors out of the meat. They spend 4 to 6 weeks in total aging their steaks and this creates a flavor complexity that even the top five star restaurants demand.

If you’re going to buy steaks from this company, know that you’re buying the same steaks that the best restaurants and steakhouses all across the country purchase. They sell to some of the top chefs all around the US and you know you’re getting the highest quality meat whenever you make a purchase from this awesome website. So do not worry about flavor or quality because they certainly have you covered with every single piece of meat you buy from this amazing website.

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The USDA Prime Connection

The great thing about getting your meat from Chicago Steak Company is they have made it their mission to bring their customers only the best beef possible. That’s why all of their steaks are dry aged USDA prime. This is part of the top 2% of all beef and it’s the highest grade awarded by the USDA.

USDA prime steak is the best meat you can buy in the US. They also sell meat that’s a little bit of a lower quality, but they sell it at a lower price, so you can also buy this lower quality yet still amazing meat and cut down on your expenses, which is what plenty of people seem to appreciate and it’s one of the reasons why this website is also incredibly popular.

Why is USDA prime so special? It special because it signals that you are eating superior quality meat that has the best flavor, tenderness and marbling. The abundant marbling is the reason why so many people love USDA prime, because the thin white streaks of fat make the meat taste absolutely amazing. It’s truly a major sign of high-quality steak at its finest.

With that said, let’s now take a look at some of the different types of meat available from the Chicago Steak Company.

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Top Steak & Meat Available from Chicago Steak Company

As you can imagine, some people are going to like different cuts of meat better than others. We also have our favorites, which we are going to share with you right now. Our favorite cuts of meat offered by the Chicago Steak Company include:

  • strip steaks
  • filet mignon
  • ribeyes and prime rib
  • top sirloin
  • flat iron
  • T-bone steaks
  • Porterhouse

As you can see, they are some of the best cuts of meat that money can buy. It’s not the only way to buy steak from the Chicago Steak Company, but it’s one way most people find very popular. If you like to buy your meat by the cut, then you’re definitely going to appreciate ordering from Chicago Steak.

Some other types of steak to consider include:

Or, if you like to buy particular types of steak based on your personal preferences, you can consider any of the options that we just mentioned above. These options are incredible and the meat is truly delectable and so tasty you’re going to absolutely fall head over heels in love with it. Slap it on the grill and cook it medium rare, rare, or even well done – cook it however you like it – and bite into this amazing tasting meat and you’ll feel like you’ve died and gone to heaven.

Some of their other options include:

  • steak burgers
  • chicken, pork, and ribs
  • roasts, ham, and turkey
  • decadent desserts
  • surf and turf
  • Coach Ditka’s favorites (the legendary Chicago Bears coach)
  • bestsellers

Do yourself a huge favor and check out Chicago Steak Company’s website today. You’re going to absolutely love everything they sell if you’re a meat lover at heart.

Watch Me Buy Chicago Steak Company Online

Here is my receipt for my recent order.   Below, I’ll paste an unboxing video as well as show you how the steaks turned out once they were cooked!

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