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If you love firing up the grill on those beautiful summer nights, or even if you love grilling so much that you’re willing to withstand the cold and snow just to eat great tasting barbecue, then you’re going to definitely love everything about the Grill Masters Club. This club was specifically designed with hardcore BBQ fans in mind. Think of it as the BroBasket for BBQ. They have gone above and beyond to create an amazing subscription that not only will have you eating great every month, but you could also give it away as a gift too if you’re looking for something interesting to buy for that special person in your life.

How Does Grill Masters Club Work?

Before you ever consider joining any kind of subscription barbecue service, you’re obviously going to want to know how it works. This club makes it easier than ever to get awesome tasting, flavor packed barbecue sauces and rubs every month. So you’ll never have to wonder how you’re going to season your amazing hunks of meat to throw on the grill no matter what month of the year it happens to be.

This is the perfect gift or subscription if you’re buying it for yourself if you happen to love barbecue, smoking, and grilling. Obviously, you’re interested in all these things otherwise you wouldn’t have made your way to this website for yourself or someone that you care about.

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Everybody wants to be a master of the grill. Everybody wants to be able to grill up some awesome tasting barbecue. And they certainly want to impress their friends, family members, and coworkers when guests visit their house for a party, gathering in their man cave, or get together. Cold beer and good companionship only go so far. You need great tasting meat if you’re truly going to impress the important people in your life.

The cool thing about the Grill Masters Club is that it gets you to try new things that you may not have ever even considered trying. When you get your new box of recipes, grilling accessories, marinades, wood chips, rubs, and sauces in the mail each month, you’ll be able to mix, match, and experiment to create some great tasting barbecue meals like you’ve never imagined possible.

subscription box grillmasters club

And the sweet thing about this package is that it’s relatively inexpensive yet it helps you experiment and stretch outside of the box to try new things. There are a couple of different ways to join the club, and some options are going to be less expensive than others.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Grill Masters Club?

As mentioned, the great thing about joining this club is that it’s relatively inexpensive and you get something new and exciting in the mail every month. So you can take your grilling experimentation to a whole new level and every month you’re going to have an amazing surprise.

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If you get a subscription and only plan to pay on a month by month basis, it will cost you $32.95 to join the club. This is the most expensive option, so you may want to consider a different choice if you’re a barbecue aficionado and plan to become a member of this club for a long time.

Next, if you decide to pay for your club subscription by ordering three months at a time, you will only have to pay $29.95 per month for three months in advance. So the total for three months is $89.85.

The six-month option also costs $29.95 per month, so there are no great savings if you subscribe for three months or six months in advance. If you were to subscribe to this option, you would have to pay $179.72 every six months to continue to stay a member of the Grill Masters Club subscription box service. Again, if you love barbecue like we do, you’ll have no problem paying six months in advance since you’ll use every drop of the ingredients sent your way.

The final option is to pay for your subscription 12 months in advance. This is the cheapest option and it’s five dollars cheaper per month when compared to paying for your subscription on a monthly basis. So it only costs $27.95 per month for this subscription, but you have to pay for 12 months in advance. At checkout, the total cost is $335.40.

If you aren’t convinced, here are a couple videos to get you in the mood to grill!


If you absolutely love barbecue and grill all year round whether it’s raining, snowing, hailing, or a beautiful sunny day, you’ll definitely love being a member of the Grill Masters Club. We highly recommend checking it out today. You can always pay for one month and subscribe longer-term once you realize how awesome this subscription is.

Join today, by clicking this link, or click the banner below.  You won't regret it.

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