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Meat lovers of every persuasion only want the best, most high quality products that money can buy. They really care about their health, their well-being, and they obviously care about the quality and taste of the meat they purchase. So they’re not willing to buy their steaks and chops from just anybody. The websites they purchase from must have an excellent reputation and they really need to go above and beyond with the quality and care of the animals they raise.

The great thing about sharing information online is that I occasionally get to tell you about some amazing websites. In particular, I am proud to tell you about Western Grassfed Beef. You see, this site is truly one of the best websites online selling meat products to Americans that really care about their health, the health and well-being of the animals, and the environment on the whole.

Some ranchers do not care about sustainability when raising their cattle. The only thing they truly care about is their bottom line. You will never experience anything like this when dealing with Western Grassfed Beef. On the contrary, this company has gone out of their way to take raising cattle and sustainability to a higher level. They truly care about the animals they raise, they care about the meat that they sell to their customers, and they want everybody to lead a happy, healthy, and productive life.

The Story Behind Western Grassfed Beef

For some of you, learning the story behind Western Grassfed Beef really will not matter much. You may be here because you’re looking for high quality meat – and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that – but you aren’t necessarily interested in learning about the sustainability practices and their cattle raising process. But we’re going to tell this story anyway because other people really do care and I am happy to fill them in on the important details.

For starters, the first thing I want to mention is that their animal stewardship for grass fed cattle is very different than the conventional systems that are typically in use today. What does this mean to you? It means you’re getting higher quality meat, better tasting meat, and meat that is packed with tons of important protein, which we all know is the building block to good health.

Western Grassfed Beef has a beef production and cattle raising system in place that many would call holistic. Their system is complete and incorporates preservation, riparian restoration, as well as rangeland enrichment. They believe in rotational grazing and recognize that without it they would ultimately destroy their land. Their holistic system allows cattle to graze on open pastures instead of being confined in tight spaces on feedlots. They believe in raising animals appropriately with proper grass fed, natural, ethically raised practices so the animals are healthy, they get to lead a decent life as they are ultimately being fattened, and the meat consumers buy tastes absolutely amazing because of this holistic approach.

So you can see exactly what I purchased at their website, here is a video of me buying their grass fed beef online! 

My next video will be a full review of the cooked steaks. I’m greatly looking forward to that!

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How Long has Western Grassfed Beef Been in Business?

Although Darrell Wood, founder Western Grassfed Beef, is a sixth generation cattle rancher, he decided to change the way he raised his cattle in the year 2000. He really felt like the way he was raising cattle just wasn’t all that rewarding. He didn’t feel good about pumping the animals full of antibiotics and growth stimulating hormones. Instead, he wanted the animals to be fed entirely with grass.

Buy grass fed beef online

The great thing about Darrell Wood is his willingness to try a more natural approach to cattle raising. He makes sure all of his cattle receive fresh water from rivers and streams that are all located throughout his ranch. They can get plenty of sun as they graze in the grass pastures and since they aren’t cooped up in pens all day, they get plenty of exercise, can roam the grounds as long as they want, and his system ultimately creates healthy, nutritious beef.

Since he’s only willing to raise natural cattle, he has learned all about land stewardship methods that are considered some of the best in the beef and cattle industry. Land conservation is one of his main goals and is actively involved in this movement. The hard part about raising cattle this way is that it’s tough to get started. But once you put a system in place like Darrell Wood did, there is no turning back because he’s now raising some of the healthiest cattle in the United States of America and people from far and wide love the amazing meat that he sells on his website.

Do They Sell Organic Beef on Their Website?

At this point, it should be very obvious that their farming practices lead to organic grass fed beef. They only feed their animals healthy grass, allow them to graze in open fields, drink fresh water from streams and rivers, and lead healthy lives that allow them to get plenty of exercise instead of living in confinement on a feedlot.

So to answer the question, the meat they raise is definitely considered organic. They have some of the healthiest, best tasting meat your money could ever buy and people are tripping over themselves to get access to these amazing meat products.

What Can I Buy on the Western Grassfed Beef Website?

There are a wide range of options of 100% grass fed beef!   Some of the most popular choices include the following:

  • brisket roast
  • chuck roast
  • flank steak
  • hanger steak
  • beef Korean style short ribs
  • beef skirt steak
  • beef ribeye steaks
  • beef mixed broth and soup bones
  • grass fed beef flat iron steaks
  • 100% grass fed beef snack stick variety pack, big bundle, jalapeno, and more options

As you can see, Western Grassfed Beef has really outdone themselves. They have a wide variety of beef options and every one is 100% grass fed, organic, and some of the tastiest meat you’ll ever try in your lifetime. They just don’t raise cattle like this anymore except at Western Grassfed Beef.

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