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At times, our hunger pains are going to overwhelm us at the weirdest, most unexpected moments. One moment you’re sitting in your doctor’s office waiting to get your physical and everything’s fine, and then the next moment you feel like you are absolutely starving and need to get something to eat fast.

Or maybe you find yourself in a department store trying on suits for your friend’s upcoming wedding and you’ve been at it for hours and just can’t seem to find the perfect outfit. Instead of giving up on your quest completely because you feel like you’re starving, you would rather stay and find the ideal suit for this special occasion.

What do you do in situations like the ones just mentioned? Do you give up and go to a restaurant and grab something to eat? Or do you bring a healthy tasting protein packed snack with you to munch on while you take care of business?

beef jerky from Carnivore Candy

For those interested in the latter, it’s definitely possible to satisfy your hunger cravings and still finish your doctor appointment or buy the perfect suit without having to walk away to eat lunch. You can pick up a healthy array of Carnivore Candy Beef Jerky snacks to bring with you instead and you’ll never have to worry about feeling like you’re overly hungry again because these awesome snacks will fill you up, sustain you, and definitely curb your hunger cravings.

Carnivore Candy Review 2017

The History of Carnivore Candy

One of the most interesting things about the Carnivore Candy brand is that it’s been around a lot longer than you may have even realized. This brand was started by the Boyd family and although they haven’t necessarily been selling their beef jerky for the longest time, they’ve actually been making it for 50 years. They started creating their amazing beef jerky creations in the heart of Southern California way, way back in the day in 1958 and have continued to impress the world with their amazing Carnivore Candy beef jerky products.

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So even though the family that started this company has technically been making beef jerky for roughly 50 years, the company itself has only come into existence in 2010, so at this point in time they only have seven years of success under their belt. But it’s worth it to know that they bring their gourmet meat treats to the rest of the world because they have great products, an excellent process, and it helps to provide tender and flavorful beef jerky to those who need a healthy snack alternative.

Unlike so many of the other beef jerky treats that you’d typically buy locally, this jerky is much different and a heck of a lot healthier for you over the long run. It does not contain any unhealthy preservatives, their recipes do not have lots of salt and sugar, they are low in fat, high in protein, and probably the most important thing of all, their beef jerky does not contain any added MSG. So you’re getting one of the healthiest beef jerky snacks available on the market today and you can feel comfortable and safe knowing that you’re eating a high-quality treat that isn’t going to cause any unwanted harm to your body or your family members and friends.

Not only is this healthy beef jerky taste wonderful, they’ve also developed their recipes in full compliance with the USDA and work closely with members of this organization to make sure their meat passes all potential regulations. Their family recipe may be a secret, but they’ve spent the last 50 years testing it, tweaking it, developing it, and making it wonderful so that they create the greatest tasting beef jerky the world has ever known at Carnivore Candy.

beef jerky snacks from Carnivore Candy

What Types of Beef Jerky Are Available from Carnivore Candy?

As mentioned a couple of times, the company has been around for about 50 years so they have a number of different beef jerky flavors available for everyone to try. These flavors have been thoroughly tested and approved by members of the family, the public, and other beef jerky connoisseurs who only want the best jerky possible made available to them.

If you’re worried that they aren’t going to have one or more flavors that you’re interested in, you don’t have to worry about that at all. They will absolutely have some amazing flavors for you to certainly appreciate and enjoy. They have a wide variety of options that we’re going to tell you all about right now. Their beef jerky options are available in the following flavors:

  • BBQ Mesquite
  • Orange Teriyaki
  • Sweet and Spicy
  • Traditional Western
  • Original Peppered
  • Burnout
  • Asada Beef Jerky
  • Honey Pepper
  • Mango Habanero Beef Jerky
  • Sriracha Style Beef
  • Sweet Picante
  • Teriyaki
  • Volcanic Jalapeno

As you can see, this is a list of the current available beef jerky products that Carnivore Candy has for sale on their websites. But you should definitely check back in with the site regularly to find out about new recipes and creations that they produce as time goes by. This company does not sleep on their laurels at all and they are constantly working on creating newer, better, great tasting beef jerky flavors for their customer base to devour and enjoy immensely.

Is It Really Expensive to Buy Carnivore Candy Beef Jerky?

The absolute best part about sharing information about Carnivore Candy beef jerky is the fact that it’s very inexpensive to buy when compared to other higher end jerky snacks. In fact, if you look at their website you’ll immediately see that a bag of their beef jerky only costs $6.99. And it really doesn’t matter which flavor you want because the price is the same for every one of their options.

So you never have to worry about buying expensive beef jerky when you buy from Carnivore Candy. They have made their prices affordable for everyone and it’s really easy to place your order online and have your purchase delivered directly to your door.

So do yourself a huge favor and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity sooner rather than later. You’ll love healthy Carnivore Candy Beef Jerky just like everyone else.

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