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It’s more important to be prepared in case of an emergency now than it has ever been in history. With looming threats due to terrorism, deadly viruses spreading all across the world and economic collapse on the horizon, emergency preparedness is something that everyone should take seriously.  So I urge you to read the Auguson Farms review and see why they are such an important brand to know about.

The people at Augason Farms – i.e. Phil Augason and company – recognized the need for high quality food that people can prepare and eat in an emergency. They’ve been doing this for over 40 years now, since 1972, and this family-owned and operated company has mastered the food storage business.

As a matter of fact, the shelf life of Augason Farms products is up to 30 years in many instances. That is a long time, and it’s precisely the type of food that you need in case some type of emergency were ever to appear.

Why Choose Augason Farms Food?

There are many reasons why it would make sense to choose Augason Farms food over some of the other competitors in this industry. We believe that this product line is the best of breed, and hope you believe this as well. We recommend these products wholeheartedly because of a number of things, which include:

  • great tasting food
  • long shelf life (30 years)
  • simple to prepare
  • food with full flavor
  • tasty ingredients made from premium quality food
  • over 200 products available
  • never compromise flavor
  • just add water and eat

As you can clearly see, the Augason Farms food products are not only simple to prepare, but they are incredibly tasty and worth every penny.

Let’s now take a look at another important reason why we feel Augason Farms is the right company of choice for emergency food preparedness.

Auguson Farms Reviews of Their Gluten Free Food

As we’re discovering more and more, there are certain people that suffer from gluten intolerance. No matter how hard they try, their body is just not capable of tolerating wheat, rye and barley and any other food that might contain gluten.

If an emergency were ever to happen, these people would have a difficult time finding the right food that their body can absorb. Thankfully, Augason Farms recognizes the plight of people with gluten intolerance and has done something about it.

They have created a line of gluten intolerance group foods that are completely gluten-free. There’s no need to worry about any dietary restrictions whatsoever, because they have plenty of foods that you can eat.

Do you love bacon bits? How about buttermilk pancakes? What about dried fruit? Do you love chocolate chip cookies? They have gluten-free versions of each and every one of the items mentioned above, plus a whole lot more. So if gluten intolerance is one of your problems, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about because Augason Farms has you covered and taken care of.

There’s something for everyone at Augason Farms. There’s absolutely no question about it. Log onto the Augason Farms website today and take a look around. You’ll find plenty of food to sustain you during your time of need.

I’m still updating my Auguson Farms review to share my personal experience.   To see a brand I’ve already had an experience with, click here for the Wise Food Company review.

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