The survival category has become a niche market that’s grown over time.  If you would have asked me even ten years ago if I ever needed to buy products for self defense, I would have told you “you are crazy.” Things have changed, and I’m starting to use these types of self defense products so today I present you my survival product reviews.

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With today’s world of racial riots, insane people who shoot up abortion clinic’s and schools, it’s time to start thinking about all the “What if’s.”

I’m not a doomsday prepper by any means, and I’m a generally positive person and believe that every situation can be rectified without violence.  However, it’s just being careless if you aren’t prepared for situational things that can be life altering.

The Survival Guide and Product Reviews for 2016

I’ll do my best to recap all the top products you could need for survival and situations of need.  Stay tuned as I collect products that have the ability to get you out of situations of doom! Recently I bought Survival Life Credit Card Knife You can read the review.

Shield Yourself Now

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