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There’s a lot to love about US Wellness Meats – who can be found at – if you really care about your health and well-being. This company focuses on selling grass fed beef, among other things, and they use healthy, sustainable farming practices while raising and producing healthy meat for you and your loved ones.

Although the company is no longer certified organic because a private certifier wanted to take too big a cut of their profits, they still follow the same sustainable farming practices that make their meat top shelf and some of the best in the US. Located in Western Illinois and the northeast corner of Missouri, this company offers their customers a wide range of amazing meats at affordable prices. You’re going to love the taste and you’ll finally know what real meat tastes like for the very first time. It’s so much better than meat being pumped up with hormones and antibodies.

How Do You Know US Wellness Meats Uses Sustainable Farming Practices?

For starters, sustainable farming practices are incredibly important to the success of their business, so this is something they’ll never drop because it’s how they’re able to raise such healthy, organically grown animals. Without sustainable farming driving their business, they’d have to switch over to using factory farming practices, antibiotics, hormones, and other unhealthy options that people don’t want from them.

In fact, they even break down there farming practices that 100% prove they are completely sustainable. Each one of their grazing lots gets a 30 to 45 day rest period before the animals are able to graze on it again. They do this to increase the existing plant density of their pastures. It helps them add new plant life to the existing native plants.

Because of the efforts they put forth to maintain sustainable farming practices, their grasslands are much deeper rooted, have thicker sod, a better root structure, and a gorgeous landscape that can really catch and hold all the rain so that it soaks it all up. The practice ultimately ends up creating no soil erosion, no flooding, and a sustainable ecosystem with a natural carbon recycler.

Are Any of the Animals Fed Hormones, Antibiotics or Finished with Grain at US Wellness Meats?

For many people looking to eat healthy meat, they are very concerned about the animals and whether or not they’ve been finished with grain, fed antibiotics or pumped and fed full of hormones. Obviously when the animals are fattened up synthetically like this and given all types of unhealthy medications and chemicals, the meat itself isn’t going to be as healthy as it could be.

Thankfully, based on information gathered from their website, US Wellness Meats does not feed growth hormones or antibiotics to their animals and they never finish them with grains. They always consume high quality forage after they are weaned from mother’s milk.

What Types of Meat Do US Wellness Meats Sell?

As you are about to learn, you can get a wide variety of grass fed options when you visit To help you get a better idea of what you’re in store for, we’ll share some of the main categories of meat available on the site with you below. They are as follows:

  • Grassland beef including steaks, roasts, ground beef, burgers, sliders, primals, franks, tallow and suet, bacon and sausage, brisket, ribs, corned and stew beef, organs, organ sausage, fresh chilled beef, jerky, pemmican and snacks.
  • Grassland & heritage meats including grassland bison, grassland lamb, heritage pork and gourmet rabbit.
  • Wild caught seafood including Alaskan king crab, Atlantic mackerel, Alaskan sablefish, albacore tuna, Atlantic sea scallops, sardines, smoked salmon, sockeye salmon burger, wild Alaskan halibut, wild Alaskan sockeye salmon filet, etc.
  • Grassland poultry and duck including whole chicken and parts, sausages, jerky, and sliced turkey breasts, organs and broth, bulk chicken, soy free chicken, seasonal turkeys, ground chicken and turkey, and duck.
  • All organs, fats, bones, and broth including premade broths and gelatins, bones, favorite fats, and all organs.
  • Grassland dairy including butter and cheese.
  • Grocery and organic bakeries including wellness bakeries, nutraceuticals, and organic produce in the US only.
  • Healthy snacks including nuts, pork rinds, and chocolate.
  • Special diets with food approved for Whole 30, paleo, AIP, and sugar free diets.
  • Pet food including beef hearts, beef patella femur bone, beef knuckle bones, beef long marrow bones, beef medium marrow bones, beef neck bones, beef smoked dog bones, beef sweetbread, beef tendons and more.


If you’re looking to buy the healthiest grass fed beef and other meats on the planet, you should definitely consider buying from US Wellness Meats.

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