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FiberFix Heat Wrap

FiberFix Heat Wrap (This option is HEAT Cured) Click the image to head over to Amazon & check it out!

I’ve recently come across a product called FiberFix on Amazon. This product is interesting to say the least, and it’s going to make a huge difference in the way that you consider and perform repairs now and in the future.

And after you see not only what I have to say about this totally sweet “tool” – for lack of a better word – you’re going to agree that we guys NEED this in our toolbox (and everywhere really).

One of their logos even includes the words “Manly Man Box Fix Kit” so you can already see why we just had to get this product here on ThingsMenBuy! And, of course there’s the viral video that should be enough to convince you – but more on that later.

Generally speaking FiberFix is a fiber resin wrap that was originally developed in Orem Utah. This wrap is incredibly powerful and the owners of the company claim that the product has the ability to harden just like steel within a couple of minutes.

Does this sound too good to be true? For many of you, this might seem like a complete sham at first. But I have the honest pleasure of telling you that not only does it work, but it’s incredibly potent and it absolutely gets the job done. In fact, it’s so awesome that the product actually made it onto ABC’s Shark Tank, and if you’ve ever seen the show, you know it’s not easy to get the opportunity to pitch to Daymond, Mark, Lori and Kevin. We’ll talk more about their Shark Tank appearance a little bit later.

For now, I’d like to get into the specifics about this particular product so you can easily figure out why it’s going to provide huge benefits to you, your friends, your family members, and everybody you know in need of a quick fix.

Getting the Know FiberFix

As mentioned a little earlier, the company that creates FiberFix is based out of Orem, UT.

Eric Child and Spencer Quinn, the founders of the company, created this product – and it seems like tons of people love it. And rightfully so since it works and is considered 100 times stronger than duct tape (their claim, and it seems to have been substantiated at the Smithsonian Magazine site), which is an amazing feat to accomplish if you think about it.

And, remember we mentioned the hilarious viral video earlier? As it turns out, as funny as it is – (how can it not be since the same guys who created the video for Poo-pourri and the ice-cream shitting unicorn for Squatty Potty (another Shark Tank winner) created this one, starring comedian Jason Gray) – this is actually a really fascinating video.

That’s because they set out to prove that the product really is as strong as they say. So what they did was wrap up a car in a roll cage where the joints are held together with duct tape, and toss it off a cliff. Then they wrap up another car in a roll cage where the joints are done with FiberFix and then toss IT off the cliff – for real.

Watch what happens… This stuff is nuts! Then come back to our review below the video:

Such a badass vid, isn’t it? I was howling when I watched it, but also have to say that’s what made me think that I had to bring this product to your attention!

How Does the Original FiberFix Repair Wrap Work?

Remember that these are the guidelines for the original product, the FiberFix Repair Wrap, which is air-cured (they have the heat cured version as well). It works in two relatively simple steps:

Step 1: submerge your FiberFix roll in water and then remove the excess water.

Step 2: while covering your hands with latex gloves, take the role of FiberFix and wrap it around the item that needs to be repaired. As you wrap it around, just let it stay in place for a couple of minutes.

According to many of the reviews that I’ve seen online, it actually takes longer than a couple of minutes to dry and harden. Most people recommend that you leave it undisturbed for 24 hours to experience the best results. But the website says you only have to leave it there for a couple of minutes and you’ll receive optimal hardening. So test it out and try it however you like. Who knows? You may have better results than the people online reviewing the product.

FiberFix Claims to Fame

They claim to be able to do some bold and amazing things, and we wanted to point as much of this out to you as possible so that you can have a better feel for what the product can really do – and really, that video above was pretty much enough to convince me! But, here are a few other things they tout.

FiberFix Repair Wrap as seen on Shark Tank

FiberFix Repair Wrap as seen on Shark Tank

  • This product can be affixed to just about every material – according to the guys who thought this up, you can affix FiberFix to just about any material on the planet today. They claim that it can be easily affixed to wood, rubber, plastic, metal, aluminum, fiberglass, plexiglass, and much, much more.
  • 100 times stronger than duct tape – which I think that by now we’ve pretty much substantiated. But, just thinking back, have you ever affixed duct tape to something that you own? When you attempt to rip a piece of tape off of the duct tape role, it’s often very difficult to do. Now imagine FiberFix. Since we’ve established that it really is many times stronger than the strongest duct tape that we are used to using, it does seem that this is an astonishing feat to accomplish in itself and it’s the reason why FiberFix is such an effective product. The strength of the product is the reason why it holds everything together and it’s also the main reason why it’s built to last.
  • It’s weatherproof – this is an important aspect about FiberFix that I was really happy to learn about. Duct tape and other types of tape will never hold up in inclement weather over the long haul. The tape will either wear away or slowly but surely begin to fall off. With FiberFix, inclement weather is something that you never have to worry about since it is completely impervious to the outside elements. Snow, sleet, rain, wind, and anything else will not slow this resin wrap down one bit. It is built to last and it is going to thrive even through the harshest storms.
  • It’s resistant to cold and heat – this is another excellent feature and major claim to fame that really drew me to this product. I can honestly tell you that the heat and cold is no match for FiberFix. You can wrap this product to a steel pole that you need to hold together in the middle of Antarctica and it is going to hold because the cold is no match for this awesome product. The same holds true for the sunshine. You can use it on anything at all in the middle of the Sahara desert and it’s still going to last no matter how much the sun tries to erode this amazing fiber resin wrap. Or so it seems…
  • It’s a lasting solution to fix broken items – at this point in your life; you probably have many broken items that seem utterly useless. At one point this was absolutely true, but now that FiberFix is in existence, you have the right fiber resin wrap that can easily repair these currently broken items so that they can be used and useful once again. Stop throwing away your hard earned money and use this amazing fiber wrap to fix and patch up things that are often very costly to repair. You’re going to save a lot of money over the long run and you’ll be able to keep things a lot longer now that you have a simple, cost-effective way to repair them now and in the future.

By the way – in case you’re wondering (and many people have asked) – the roll cage situation really was genuine – The Harmon Brothers who created the whole video actually did another YouTube video showing the whole thing behind the scenes. Frankly, if, after watching what these guys did to test the limitations of this product doesn’t convince you of its sheer strength, I doubt anything will. When you see what actually went into making this commercial, you’ll be pretty amazed. Seriously. Watch it here – and incidentally, this is a great channel to bring up when you have your buddies hanging out in your man cave over some adult beverages (then keep reading!)


Okay… NOW are you convinced?

Guys… 3 words: THIS SHIT WORKS! Buy it! In the name of everything that’s manly, BUY THIS! Just DO it… Now:

YES! I’m sold! I want it!
–>CLICK HERE to get FiberFix on Amazon NOW<–

FiberFix Pros

  • It’s a cost-effective way to fix broken items – out of everything that I’ve talk about today, one of the reasons why I love this fiber resin wrap more than anything else is that it is incredibly cost-effective. When you think about it, fixing all of the broken items that you have can be really expensive. Yet, this simple solution makes it so cheap that you’ll be glad you’ve come across it. When things were going to be too costly to fix in the past, or just too labor-intensive to make the necessary repairs, you often had no choice but to give up. Now they are more than possible to fix and you can do so without having to spend a small fortune to make it happen.
  • Can be easily applied to a wide variety of surfaces very quickly – as mentioned earlier, you can apply FiberFix to a great number of many different types of surfaces. And the beauty about it is you can use this fiber resin wrap on just about anything. You can use it on metal, wood, fiberglass, plexiglass, steel surfaces and more. And it’s not going to take you hours and hours of your time to repair these broken products. On the contrary, you can apply this fiber wrap so fast that it almost seems too good to be true. Yet not only is it true, but it’s more than possible to fix items that most likely seemed irreparable until now.
  • They offer a 30 day money back guarantee – I always like it when a company is willing to put their money where their mouth is. And FiberFix is definitely willing to put their faith in their product by offering a 30 day money back guarantee – and because we get stuff like this from Amazon, you’re purchase and satisfaction is pretty well assured since Amazon has its own buyer protection program in place, so returning the product shouldn’t be a problem if you aren’t happy with it for any reason at all.
  • Powerful and positive online reviews – This almost always plays into my original reasons for investigating products to begin with. And here we’re talking about a boatload of awesome online reviews. I kept coming across more and more positive mentions of FiberFix as time went on, and eventually I had to take a look for myself. People really seem to love this product and rightfully so because it absolutely gets the job done.

Give FiberFix a try today and you’ll see how powerful this fiber resin wrap truly is.

FiberFix Repair Wrap as seen on Shark Tank

CLICK THE IMAGE to Head Over to FiberFix on Amazon!

FiberFix Cons

Yes, I always attempt to provide as unbiased a review as possible, although I really don’t have too many negative things to say about this stuff. As you can tell, this review has been overwhelmingly positive, but there were two things that I’d like to bring to your attention. Remember, no product is ever perfect, so let’s just keep it at that and talk about a couple of the “cons” – if you really want to call them that – that I’ve come up with so far.

They are:

  • The product is still in its infancy – FiberFix has not been around that long in the grand scheme of things. As of right now, many people are incredibly happy with the product and what it has been able to do for them. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to hold up over time, although it seems to continue to impress more and more people as it repairs their broken products. So keep an eye on it. You never know what could happen. They may do something foolish and change the formula and make the product less effective in the future. Hopefully that never happens but you never know what to expect when it comes to the business world.
  • The product is costly to return – if you buy it from their website. Although the product has a 30 day money back guarantee, if you purchase it from the company website, it’s practically going to cost you nearly as much as the product itself in order to return it. Shipping is not cheap and they do not cover the shipping costs. Many people are unhappy with the shipping return price so I wanted to point that out. Remember, when you buy from a third-party website, they have their own shipping and return policies, and it’s for this reason that I totally say, Buy this on Amazon!

Bottom Line: FiberFix is an amazing product that is taking the world by storm. Look, you’ve seen me put up Amazon images of the different versions and sizes of this stuff throughout this review – so just click on one that’s of interest to explore their product line further.

So, let’s wrap it up (LOL… sorry, couldn’t resist the pun)… Here’s the rundown of the product line which has certainly expanded since the original Repair Wrap came on the scene:

  • CLICK HERE to check out the single, roll of the REPAIR WRAP (note that this is the original version, and the “air dry” option, and can withstand up to 300°F and down to -30°F) – this comes in 3 sizes (and they have single and multi-packs available):
    • 1″ for $4.79,
    • 2″ for $6.39, and
    • 4″ for $7.99
  • CLICK HERE to check out the 2″ roll of HEAT WRAP (this option cures with HEAT, and withstands up to 850 degrees Fahrenheit) and will run you $12.53,
  • CLICK HERE to check out the 3-roll bundle of REPAIR WRAP (the air cure option) that includes a 1″ roll, a 2″ roll and a 4″ roll for $21.03,
  • CLICK HERE to check out a roll of “Repair Tape” which is FiberFix’s answer to duct tape – more or less like regular duct tape only they say it’s 10x stronger – for $12.84 – because, let’s face it; we’re not about to completely give up our duct tape.
  • CLICK HERE to see a tube of FiberFix Flash Repair (a pen style container of their answer to Super Glue) for $12.84
  • CLICK HERE to check out the 2-Pack of FiberFix Repair Patches – there are 3 different sizes:
    • 5″ x 5″ – for surface (non-wrappable) repairs for $13.30
    • 3″ x 3″ for $12.43
    • 2″ x 8″ for $8.98
  • CLICK HERE to check out a package of their “Wall Doctor” Drywall Patch kit that comes in a few different sizes ranging from 1″ (for $4.99) up to 5″ (for $9.99) (Note that I haven’t really looked carefully at these extra products, but I figured I’d throw them in.)

FiberFix on Shark Tank

To close out this review, I wanted to mention more about the product making its way to Shark Tank on ABC.

While on the show in October 2013, the owners went there seeking to sell 10% of their company for $90,000. They did this because they needed the additional capital to invest back into the business.

Well, Lori was so impressed with the product and the owners that she decided to take it a step further. Instead of investing $90,000 and buying a 10% stake in the company, she ended up investing $120,000 and purchased a 12% stake in the company. I’d post the episode here, but the networks have removed all the free YouTube vids (so that they can sell you the pay-per-view versions). But, I did find an abbreviated, 3:57 version of the pitch from Tawain – so at least you can a glimpse of what went down. See below… you can watch that at least until the network finds it and yanks it off YouTube. LOL.

Anyway, if it can impress Lori on Shark Tank, then it should certainly impress you. Click here to pick up a supply of the original FiberFix repair tape right now.



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