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You’re going to find yourself in the mood for a great tasting beef jerky snack every once in a while. This mood is going to persist and keep nagging you until you finally satisfy your craving. Sometimes you’ll have to do what’s necessary to satisfy the craving and make yourself feel better. When you get to this state of mind, you can’t eat any old crappy beef jerky. You have to get high quality, healthy, great tasting jerky to satisfy your every want and need.

It doesn’t matter if you like the original flavored traditional beef jerky or one of the many new, great tasting, more exotic flavors that are currently on the market today. You’ll be able to satisfy your craving with each and every one of these options as long as you put in an order with Country Archer and have them deliver their great tasting product directly to your door. You can have it shipped to your home, office, or any other location for that matter.

So many people love having a healthy and great tasting protein pack snack available with them at all times. They never know when a craving is going to strike and they never know when they’re going to start feeling hungry and really need a snack. You get to kill two birds with one stone by buying Country Archer beef jerky and carrying it around what you in your pocket, your purse, or leaving it in your car. You’ll never have to worry about going hungry again on those days when you just can’t seem to make it to a fast food store or restaurant to pick up lunch.

With that said, we’d like to take some time to teach you a little bit more about Country Archer and tell you more of what they are about. So stick with us a little longer and we’ll fill you in on the truth of the matter and why this is such a great company.

beef jerky from Country Archer

Why Should I Trust Country Archer to Satisfy My Beef Jerky Cravings?

We highly recommend buying high quality beef jerky from Country Archer for a wide variety of reasons. For starters, this company may not have reached the public eye online until very recently, but they’ve actually been in business for 40 years. That’s right, they originally started in 1977, but they were a hidden gem at that point because they only sold their wonderful beef jerky treats to people visiting roadside stands.

Even though the company is currently set up differently than the way it was originally founded, Susan and Eugene Kang have decided that these tasty beef jerky treats were so wonderful that they had to take this company the next step of the way so that it can reach more customers and share its fantastic products with the world. So the Kangs discovered this wonderful beef jerky while visiting the Grand Canyon, absolutely fell in love with it, and they tracked down the original product creator.

After discovering that Celestino Mirarchi was the person behind creating this astonishing beef jerky, they realized that they had to take this butcher’s handiwork to the public, so they decided to form a partnership with him and worked hard to sell his amazing products. The Kang’s got involved because the original creator didn’t have enough time to sell his products himself, so he recruited this wonderful husband and wife team to help him take his amazing beef jerky to the rest of the world.

Where to Buy Country Archer?  Online – – – > Click here.

Now this is a nationwide company that provides great tasting meat sticks and healthy jerky for everyone. They’ve grown throughout the years and they really focus on creating healthy, high quality products. They use the best ingredients like antibiotic-free turkey, grass-fed beef, and healthy pork.

It’s always good to have jerky on hand for those times that you get hungry when least expected. So feel free to stuff some in your backpack, your lunchbox, your desk, and definitely keep plenty on hand in your pantry. By having this wonderful treat available whenever you want it, you’ll never have to feel like you’re being deprived or hungry because you don’t have time to get something else to eat. You’ll always have a healthy snack available whenever it’s needed.

Some Facts about Country Archer Beef Jerky

To get a better understanding of the company and the beef jerky they sell, we wanted to share some facts with you about them today. They include:

  • No added preservatives – they want to create the healthiest beef jerky on the market today, which is why they do not have any added preservatives in their products. There are no additional chemicals, nothing that could potentially be toxic, and the real food they use is never going to lead you to any unwanted health problems.
  • Plenty of protein – since protein happens to be the building blocks of our lives, it’s essential for us to get plenty of it to have healthy skin, cartilage, bones, muscles, and more. We need protein to aid our body in recovery, heal and repair our muscle tissue and lead a full, happy, healthy life.
  • 100% Grassfed beef – if you want to live long and live a healthy life, you have to put the best food in your body at all times. You cannot put food made from animals that was raised on antibiotics and an unhealthy diet. When you eat 100% Grassfed beef, you know that your food contains good fats like CLA and Omega threes, minerals, vitamins, and even beneficial antioxidants.
  • No antibiotics and hormones – as mentioned, the beef jerky sold on Country Archer’s website doesn’t contain any hormones or antibiotics whatsoever. They raise their poultry and cattle to be healthy, bug-free, and without any unwanted stimulants.
  • No MSG – we all know the dangers of monosodium glutamate at this point, so we aren’t going to point them out now. Just know that these products do not contain any added MSG so you should be happy knowing this fact.

Final Thoughts

Country Archer has amazing tasting jerky products. Their best include original flavor beef jerky, teriyaki, sriracha, mango habanero, crushed red pepper, sweet jalapeno, hickory smoke, honey dijon, and many more wonderful options. Visit their website to see all of their great tasting beef jerky treats and place an order today.

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