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If you love great tasting meat and surprises delivered directly to your door, then you’re going to love a delivery service that provides 100% Grassfed beef to its customers on a monthly basis. The subscription service from Butcher Box is one that so many people have spoken really highly of and they have lots of good things to say.

On the other side of the coin, there are some people that have made a few minor niggling comments that we also feel you should know about since this is an honest review. We’ll tell you about the pros and cons of this subscription service, we’ll tell you more about the meat itself and give you a brief review of the company.

Sound good? If this sounds interesting to you, we highly recommend sticking around to find out the truth about Butcher Box and everything we’ve discovered about the company that we’re sharing with you today.

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Butcher Box Review 2017

What’s the Value in Getting a Monthly Meat Subscription via Delivery?

In all honesty, some people are going to find this service a lot more valuable than others. Obviously, if you do not like to eat plenty of healthy grass-fed meat, and prefer to eat your fruits and veggies over healthy meat choices, that’s certainly your prerogative but it’s obviously something to consider if you’re thinking about buying a monthly meat subscription.

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On the other hand, you may have somebody very important to you in your life that loves to fire up the grill and cook great tasting, healthy Grass-fed beef on the barbecue for everyone in the neighborhood! Firing up the grill on the weekends might be part of your social connections with other people in your community and it could even become a big part of your life if you’ve never thought about it thus far.

So becoming a part of a meat delivery service every month is not necessarily the worst thing in the world. It may help you expand your horizons, meet your neighbors, host fun and exciting barbecues for everyone to enjoy, and help you expand your social circle in ways that you’ve never imagined possible.

The getting back to the task at hand, so many people enjoy Butcher Box because the meat is just so darn healthy that it’s hard not to love. The animals are entirely Grassfed and grass finished, so you never have to worry about getting unhealthy meat, tainted animals and processed crap that nobody would enjoy. In fact, this meat is entirely hormone free so you don’t have to worry about being pumped with unnecessary hormones as well. It’s the healthiest stuff you can find and people are clamoring to have these great tasting options available and delivered right to their door.

How Does the Butcher Box Subscription Work?

As we mentioned already, the Butcher Box subscription is delivered to your door once a month. The interesting thing about this service is you do not know which particular cuts of meat you’ll be getting until it shows up to your door. Some people really love the surprise because they end up getting phenomenal meat that they never would’ve bought otherwise. Other people do not like the surprise and feel that it’s a negative, so you have to think about your personality and decide if this is the right thing for you.

The cool thing about the cuts of meat delivered to your door every month is that there really are some great options. You’ll get things like ground beef, tri-tip, and sirloin to name a few. You’ll also find great tasting bacon in your package, and everybody loves making bacon and eggs on the weekends for their families to enjoy.

The biggest reason why so many people like this package is because the meat is healthy. You get lean cuts, tender meat, and generous portions. Even though the product costs $129 a month, it’s definitely worth it to protect the health of your family and ensure they’re eating high-quality meat.

Butcher Box Pros

So many people like Butcher Box for a wide variety of reasons. Here are a few of the more popular ones:

  • Exceptional quality meat – the reason why people have a tendency to join the subscription service is because the meat is of the highest quality possible. It’s not rubbery but very tender, it’s not filled with fat but very lean, and as mentioned earlier, they do provide very generous portions to their customers as part of the subscription service.
  • The animals are grass-fed – for some people, they do not realize that there’s a big difference between eating grass-fed meat as opposed to grain-fed meat. When you eat grass-fed meat, you’re eating meat from animals that have lived on a healthy, natural diet, the meat was raised in an environment that isn’t confining and the animals have plenty of room to roam and graze on healthy grass, and because the good people at Butcher Box really care about their customers, they make sure their animals have the best nutrition possible. These Grassfed animals have plenty of healthy omega-3 fatty acids, the B vitamins, calcium, vitamin E, carotenoids, potassium, and magnesium.

Butcher Box Cons

Using the word “cons” is a bit deceiving. Most people have plenty of great things to say about this company, but there is one unfortunate negative that gets mentioned from time to time. We’ll take a look at that now in further detail:

  • The price – some people do not necessarily take their health as serious as others and they feel $129 for a 10-pound box of beef is just too much money to spend. But you’re getting the highest quality meat available in the US, so it really shouldn’t be a huge deal if you really care about your health and the health of your family. Unfortunately, there are some that feel this is too pricey and they choose to forgo this subscription. It’s up to you to decide whether or not the price is in your range or you prefer continuing to eat unhealthy meat.


Clearly, Butcher Box provides an excellent subscription. It’s fun opening your box every month to find out whether or you not you’ve gotten chuck roast, flank steak, ribeye steak, tri-tip steak, ground beef, or bacon. The mystery is all part of the fun so give it a try because we know you’ll love it.

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