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Himalayan pink salt has a more intense flavor than normal table salt; even sea salt pales in comparison. It has antimicrobial qualities that make it less susceptible to becoming tainted and the color is varied. Although it’s called pink, the salt varies in color from pale white to deep pink, with occasional touches of gray and red. The negative ions generated by the salt have been alleged to have health benefits, alleviating everything from asthma to depression. While I’m not sure about those claims, the salt is beautiful, and it tastes great.

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So, being a lover of both pink Himalayan salt and fine tequila, when I saw these shot glasses advertised I decided they’d make a perfect addition to both my salt collection and my shot glass collection. I couldn’t picture them completely in my mind, because this pink salt runs the color gamut from the lightest pink to almost red. I didn’t have long to wait. Shipping was quick and the glasses arrived in perfect condition. The swirled pink salt made them appear to be carved from rose quartz. The cool, smooth surface felt so natural in my hands.

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The smell of salt is very slight, but you can smell it when the glass is held close. I wandered over to my bar and pulled out the 1800 Tequila. Perhaps I was influenced by the fact that that was the tequila pictured in the ads for the glasses, but, more importantly, I didn’t want to waste the Gran Patrón Platinum if these glasses proved to be disappointing. I downed the shot, after first swirling the liquid a bit in the glass. I was not disappointed. The tequila was infused with a smooth hint of salt, without being overwhelming. I had been warned that the longer the alcohol sits, the saltier it becomes, so I had poured the tequila right before imbibing.

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Cleaning only consisted of rinsing the glass briefly with cool water and patting it dry with a soft cloth. I then made a special place for these glasses in the very center of my collection. They deserved a special place and their presence somehow added a touch of class to my bar area. Ever since they have arrived, they seem to draw the attention of everyone who visits.

I have since ordered several more sets to give as gifts this coming holiday season. As I reviewed my list of upcoming events, it occurred to me how fitting these glasses were for a variety of situations – birthdays, anniversaries, holiday gifts and more. The friends who have already received their gifts have all expressed their appreciation. It looks like I have found a gift that shows class and style, and stands out from the ordinary.

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I would recommend these glasses to anyone who prides themselves on enjoying the best of the best. They silently shout to anyone who sees them “You are receiving a special gift.”

When you purchase a set for yourself, I would highly suggest getting a couple extra sets as gifts. There are sure to be many of your friends and family who will try and talk you out of yours.

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