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ThingsMenBuy.com is a website geared towards – you guessed it – things men buy!

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I’m Tim Schmidt, an Entrepreneur with a home base in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I’m known for being an Internet Marketing expert and have grown several online businesses to great levels strictly adapting to the way consumers are shopping these days – online.

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About ThingsMenBuy.com

Hanging out with Iron Man in Las Vegas.

As a self taught online marketer, I’ve sold just about everything you can imagine online. Not only that, I consult with quite a few companies ranging from your local cosmetic surgeon, real estate company, and other service oriented businesses, all the way to large e-commerce brands that do annual sales of over $100 million ONLINE.

I also have my own portfolio of companies that do a variety of things online, but I won’t bore you with that.  You can check out my website if you wish, but today we’re here because I’ve started a site that fills a huge need for men who are seeking information about trending products and basic stuff that guys need to know about.

In all my years of shopping online (I love malls, but let’s face it, I only have time for them 2-4 times per year) I never found a “go-to” source for information. Somewhere I could read REAL reviews of products that people actually used. In specific, products I buy.

Sure, Amazon is a decent place to read reviews, but there is just zero VOICE out there and you don’t know who is behind the product reviews many times. I feel putting a face, voice, and personality behind my reviews gives consumers in edge in knowing there really is a person behind the reviews listed on this website. An actual person who you can love, hate, agree, or disagree with. When you know where someone is coming from in their review, you can formulate a much more educated opinion. That’s my thought process at least.

As someone who likes to stay active as well as use all the latest technology, I try a wide variety of products in those market sectors. But I digress, I never have a one-stop shop for informative reviews that detail every single aspect of what I’m looking at purchasing. Whether it’s new Under Armour workout gear or something as trivial as a bottle of tequila, there’s really not one website I can think of visiting where I can connect with someone, watch a video of them talking, and just hear them out about their experience!

For this reason, I started this website, and my mission is to make it a place where men (and women shopping for them) can come and not only read reviews written by ME – an actual user of the product – (and of course my trusty partners) but also see YouTube videos detailing the good, the bad, and the ugly about every single item found on this website.

Tim Schmidt OMG

Giving a presentation in Orlando, Florida.

I’m holding nothing back and made it my goal to review anything and everything that I purchase that I think is being researched online.  Over time, I’ve expanded the site into a site that offers tips and advice for men.  We try not to bore you with basic stuff and instead focus on stuff like how to make the spiciest chili in the world.  We’re solving real life problems here, you guys.

Other stuff you may want to know about me?

I raise my son, (currently 11) on my own (huge assist to my brother Dave), have a spot in Vegas (with my girlfriend), am a die hard fan of the Minnesota Vikings, (yeah, ouch, I know), Miami Heat, Miami Hurricanes, and rarely turn down an invite to golf, smoke cigars, play blackjack, or drink tequila.

What Does a Good Time Look Like to Me? 

Yeah, even pushing 40, this is what I like to walk away from a weekend with.

Spilled Dirty Martini

Racks on racks, and a spilled dirty martini for the win.

More information:  Tim Schmidt Official Website

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Brandon Sirrico

My name is Brandon Sirrico. I’m an Internet Entrepreneur that joined the forces of the Internet Business world in 2008 and I believe I’ve finally found exactly where I belong though I’m forever searching. After spending a number of years putting in some real hard work and time in the business trenches for some of the biggest and most well-known entertainment sites for men, I decided to try out a few other markets, one of which, landed me here working with my friend Tim and sharing my personal product reviews on the site.

thingsmenbuy bio pic

Playing darts in South Beach wearing a shady mustache that lasted less than 24 hours.

When I’m happily sharing my opinions on all the cool gear I’ve purchased, I’m most likely working on some SEO marketing or developing one of the Internet businesses that I own.

I’m going to save you some valuable time and not give you my entire life story here, just the essentials. I’m one of those New England transplants that have left the cold to settle down in sunny Miami, FL area. I’m well-educated, and I always bring an interesting story to the table. When I’m not working my businesses, I like working on myself in the gym and being spontaneous (especially on the weekends). I enjoy smoking a nice cigar, going to sporting events, traveling, cheeseburgers, steakhouses and doing basically anything except sleeping.

I’ve been exposed to a lot of stuff, so I’ve seen a lot. Both good stuff as well as the bad. If you ask me, day-to-day life never gets old unless you let it get that way. That said, I’ve made a promise with myself to always keep things interesting, share my experience and review all the things I buy.

Dinner with twin sister

Recent photo of dinner w/ my twin sister back in Massachusetts.

I plan on writing and recording reviews as often as possible and I promise, even if the product is absolute garbage I’ll have you happy that you stopped by for a real opinion on this product before buying. I plan on being completely honest so don’t be surprised if I come out and completely rip a product to shreds. If it’s necessary, it’ll happen. That’s the truth of the matter really.

More Information:  Brandon Sirrico Official Website

Norm Shriever

Norman Shriever Norm Schriever is a 5-time Amazon.com best-selling author, pro blogger, cultural mad scientist, and enemy of the comfort zone. His work regularly appears in the Huffington Post, Bussiness.com, and on Good Morning America, the Anderson Cooper show on CNN, NBC, MSN, Yahoo, Hotels.com, the University of Connecticut, and newspapers, websites, and radio shows all around the world. His blogging and online marketing work helps smart companies grow their digital brands and skyrocket sales.

Norm grew up in Connecticut and graduated from the University of Connecticut, where he was never accused of over-studying, and went on to live in Colorado and most recently in Northern California.

Dissatisfied with a conventional existence, Norm sold or donated all of his possessions and moved down to Costa Rica in 2011. In the sleepy surf town of Tamarindo, armed with his secret weapons: fresh ocean air and Baileys in his morning coffee, he completed his first book, Pushups in the Prayer Room. In 2012 he migrated a chicken bus ride north to San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, where he settled into a local barrio and wrote the best-selling yet controversial expat memoir, South of Normal.

The past two years he’s lived in Southeast Asia, writing his heart out and working with local charities.

He sees his words as a way to illuminate the commonalities of human existence, and thereby hopes to leave this planet a little better than how he found it. This is why he writes


You never know where Norm will be writing his reviews from.

Visit Norm’s Website here.

Dave Schmidt

After growing up in the cold of Minnesota, I knew that if I didn’t take the opportunity to go out of state for college, I may never leave and see what else is out there. Though I’ll always consider Minnesota his home, my path took me to Boston College (B.C.) for a Bachelor’s degree in Finance.

Dave on his annual ice fishing trip in Wisconsin.

Dave on his annual ice fishing trip in Wisconsin.

Having spent the first 20+ years of my life in cold climates, his B.C. education offered an opportunity to move across the country to Los Angeles for my first full-time gig out of college and jumped at the chance to enjoy the California sun and cut my teeth in the real world. I spent 5 years in Los Angeles while enjoying my free time at the beach.

Having grown tired of the corporate lifestyle, I was inspired by my brother (and ThingsMenBuy founder) Tim and the freedoms afforded by his entrepreneurial endeavors and moved back to the Atlantic Coast to join him in his internet marketing ventures. After learning the ropes for a year running an e-commerce brand, higher education called and I went back to school to further strengthen my skills with an MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship at Vanderbilt University.

Beautiful day on the water off Captiva Island, FL.

Beautiful day on the water off Captiva Island, FL.

With that pedigree, it was the perfect time to rejoin Tim in South Florida after graduation and continue working in the internet marketing world, assuming leadership of an online brand, running the social media of a number of other companies, and various other affiliate marketing and SEO projects.

I’m a sponge for information and huge consumer of everything I can get my hands on. Let’s just say that my Amazon Prime membership more than pays for itself every year with the frequency I use the free 2-day shipping and have a steady flow of deliveries coming in that familiar Amazon box on my doorstep every week. I’m excited to share my thoughts on all the things I buy and provide honest reviews to our readers and help steer them in the right direction on what products I recommend, as well as what to avoid. You’ll always get the truth, good or bad.

In my spare time, I can be found spending time with my nephew and dogs, trying out any beer I can find, soaking up the sun at the beach or pool, and enjoying all things music.

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