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If you aren’t completely excited by the name Lobster Anywhere, you obviously do not love seafood the way so many other people do. But if you are a seafood lover, you’re going to absolutely fall head over heels in love with the Lobster Anywhere website because it will be right up your alley.

What’s so special about the Lobster Anywhere website? For starters, the entire website is dedicated to live lobsters and seafood. So if you love eating seafood and you want to get more of it shipped directly to your door (just like our other subscription delivery reviews such as Nick’s Sticks for snack sticks, and Jerky Snob for beef jerky), and you love fresh, great tasting seafood directly from Maine, then you are going to have a blast checking out this website and all that it has to offer.

Visit Their Site here —>  Lobster Anywhere Website

With that said, please do yourself a favor and visit the Lobster Anywhere website at your earliest convenience. Take a look around, look at all the great options they have, and consider having this amazing seafood and live lobsters delivered directly to your home whenever the mood strikes.

Can You Really Get Live Lobster Delivery?

So many people have a hard time believing that they could actually get live lobsters delivered to them at home. They think this is completely outrageous and something that would never happen, but the good people at the Lobster Anywhere website have figured out how to make this possible for lobster lovers all across the country.

As you probably know since you love eating lobster, the prices have a tendency to change from time to time according to supply and demand, so we aren’t going to spend too much time on prices in this review. But if you are interested to know how much live lobsters will cost to get delivered right to your door, you should definitely visit the website and check out the live lobsters section.

live lobster delivery from lobsteranywhere.com

Remember, these prices can change at any time. But a 1.25-pound lobster costs $25 at the moment. It’s the least expensive choice on the site. The most expensive lobster, weighing in at 5 or 6 pounds, will cost $129. As you can see, the prices vary depending on the weight of the lobster, and the current pricing could definitely change if the supply is suddenly less than the demand or vice versa.

What Other Kinds of Seafood Can I Buy on the Lobster Anywhere Website?

The beautiful thing about this website is they provide so many options to get great tasting seafood delivered directly to your door. Although they named the website after lobsters because so many people love getting live lobsters delivered to their home, they actually have fresh and frozen seafood coming out the wazoo and it’s all great tasting, healthy, excellent food for everyone to enjoy. You can even season it if you’d like with the sauces from Grill Masters Club.

Some of the main options for you to consider besides lobster include chowder, bisques, and soup, fresh shrimp, surf and turf, Alaskan red king crab, fresh muscles, Maine shrimp and scallop cake, Maine steamer clams, plank scallops wrapped in bacon, sea scallops, sea scallops wrapped in bacon, and a wide range of other options.

Hungry?  Order now.  (I did, and I never once regretted it.)

Again, their main claim to fame is selling live lobsters and other lobster related food products. But it’s not all they sell by any means as you can see by the amazing seafood choices we’ve shared with you above. So if you’re in the mood for seafood but you really don’t feel like buying lobster for one reason or another, you should still head over to the Lobster Anywhere website to check it out. You’re bound to find some amazing seafood choices that you would absolutely love eating right in the comfort of your own home.

Would You Benefit from Seafood Gift Delivery?

The Lobster Anywhere website is set up so you can send anyone in the US seafood as a gift. This is an excellent gift option for seafood lovers all over the country, and the people you gift this great tasting food to will absolutely love you for the rest of your life! You know it as well as we do because great tasting fresh seafood from Maine is hard to come by, or at least it was before Lobster Anywhere started shipping it to seafood lovers throughout the US.

They have lobster gift collections that you’re bound to fall head over heels in love with. And if the people in your life appreciate great tasting seafood, they’re going to absolutely adore them too. So check out the gift section on their website and get ready to send an amazing gift to somebody you really care about.

If you enjoy seafood of every kind, you’ll definitely like the Lobster Anywhere site so pay it a visit sooner rather than later.

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