Mini portable HD Video Projector

A warm welcome to a bank holiday in Southern Spain, AGAIN!

Yes I know, it’s any excuse to stop working and take a Cerveza or two. That’s no problem for me, I am English and can drink anyone under the table on my default settings, and that includes the Germans. But I digress.

I have returned to introduce you to the Mini portable HD Video projector for Mobile Movies, Presentations, Gaming, Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops.

magnasonic many portable projector

I have loads or devices and it’s a real ‘ball ache’ trying to get everything working together. Countless devices all running Kodi and every single installation with something wrong with it. Honestly, I stopped troubleshooting and turned everything off. Some times it’s good to unplug and put some music on or just stare at the sea for an hour.

But what happens when you return to your body and want to watch that movie? This is the perfect solution whether you’re on the road or at home. For me, I can select the device that is working at the time, plug it in and point it at the nearest wall. No need to fight with Android boxes, Nano PCs, TV connections. Just plugin the projector to you phone, table, PC, anything you have, and play your movie.

At an impressive 80″ image projection in HD it’s probably better than a lot of smart TV’s that let’s face it, aren’t that smart 99% of the time.

Plug & play pocket projector with HDMI connection.
Project sharp, vivid videos and images up to 80”
Vibrant color ultra-bright 100 lumen LED DLP light engine
Stunning 854×480 resolution (WVGA), and 1000:1 contrast ratio (accepts 1080p video input)
2 hour built-in rechargeable battery (3800mAh) watch your favorite stuff anywhere
Connection:HDMI, Micro HDMI, MHL cables & Samsung Galaxy adapters that allow you to project video from your smartphone, tablet, laptop, gaming console, media player & any other HDMI video player (Note: Apple devices require an adapter – sold separately)
LED bulb’s impressive 20,000 hour lamp life.
Dual internal speakers + 3.5mm headphone jack to connect external speakers or earphones. If you want to connect external speaker then you can try Dancing Water Fountain Speakers.

With exceptional display quality on the go, this high performance pocket projector makes life easier. Allows you to connect your laptop, smartphone, tablet, and more thanks to its versatile input options and chill to the bone whereever you are.

Manly Details.
PP71 Mini Projector, HDMI cable, Galaxy 5-pin to 11-pin convertor, MHL adapter, mini-HDMI adapter, 100-240V power adapter, tripod, protection bag, user’s manual, lifetime customer support, 1 year manufacturer’s direct parts + labor warranty.

The Take Away.
Another illustration of what cool banana is all about. It’s a simple easy to use piece of kit that makes life easy whether you are at home or on the road. Reduce the amount of time you spend fighting with insubordinate tech equipment. Spend me time taking advantage of your limited down time.


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