These Man Can Manly Candles are pretty freaking cool! And I should know. I happen to be a bit of an expert when it comes to candles.

Ok…so here’s a funny story that just so happens to be true. I used to work at Yankee Candle. Now before you hit the back button on your browser and vote to revoke my man card and get the boot from Things Men Buy, allow me to explain. I worked there with two of my college lacrosse teammates and we were stock boys. We came in on the days that delivery trucks came, unloaded the trucks, and stocked the shelves. Now, if you still want to judge, I invite you to unload those damn boxes for 6 straight hours and lug them around. See how your back feels and how much you want to poke fun then! But one of the jokes that my buddies would love to pull whenever we were working was having absolutely anyone and everyone that had a question come up to me.


Now you can imagine, 99.9% of the questions you get in that store are “Can you tell me where XYZ candle is?”

And every single time their answer would be: “I’m not sure ma’am. I just started here. But you can ask that gentleman in the beard. He’d be happy to help you.” And they’d sit and laugh while I helped the customer out.

And it was not that hard to do. The candles are all categorized by color. We were in college, it wasn’t that tough to memorize where we put everything in the store. But they thought it was the funniest thing in the world.

Anyway, the experience I had as a Yankee employee gives me ample expertise to know a good candle when I see one. I actually wondered why there weren’t more manly scents at the store when I was there. I mean, the Memphis BBQ scent is genius! And when you think about it, it kind of makes sense. Not a lot of guys enjoy going into that store and getting smacked in the face with the plethora of smelly candles. It’s enough to give you a headache. These Man Can Manly Candles can be bought online and you don’t really need to smell them before you buy them to know the scent they will bring. They are smells that every man should be very familiar with and want to be engulfed in.

Imagine having your man cave always smelling like NY Style Pizza? Or a Campfire? Or cigars? These are scents that men cannot resist. And the fact that they come in a tin can makes it even better. It’s not about bright colors and clear, glass jars meant to fool you with trickery into thinking that they are fancier than they really are. These are full on manly candles. I can’t wait to get more in my house!

So, yea, call me names if you want to. Pick on me for working at Yankee Candle (believe me, I’ve heard it all). But I don’t mind having candles in my house or at my desk. Especially when they’re candles that have manly scents like Man Can Manly Candles.


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Craig Tuttle is an entrepreneur currently living in Rochester, NY. He has two little girls under the age of three and a lovely wife. When not working on his man cave, Craig plays racquetball, cook, watches sports, smokes various meats, and plays guitar. He's also very into technology and MMA. He can be reached at

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