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Getting a great night’s sleep is often difficult for everyone.

Sometimes we have too much to do and not enough time, so we spend most of our time lying in bed thinking about the things that we have to do when we finally wake up. And this often prevents us from getting adequate sleep.

On the other hand, sometimes our mattress is in terrible condition, it’s not very comfortable, and ultimately we would be a lot better off if we replaced it with a better option.

I’m here to tell you that that better option is Nectar sleep mattresses.

These amazing mattresses will have you dozing off in dreamland in no time at all.

They are made of top-quality materials, are incredibly comfortable, and they are even available at very affordable prices.

Are you still not convinced that you can benefit from a new mattress? Check out our Nectar sleep mattress review below to learn the truth.

What Are Nectar Sleep Mattresses Made of?

Obviously, if you’re going to buy a brand-new mattress, you want to know what materials it’s made of before making the purchase. This obviously makes a great deal of sense because you may not like the materials and that would potentially turn you away from the mattress to look for a different option.

Well, we’re happy to tell you that the Nectar sleep mattress is made of 100% foam. And it has four different foam layers for maximum comfort.

  • Top layer – the top layer is 1 inch thick and it is completely made for comfort. It is made of quilted foam and specifically designed to relieve pressure points and increase airflow. It’s also very soft and it provides a luxurious feeling on top of the mattress.
  • Support layer – the second layer is also 1 inch thick and it is made of lush foam. This gel memory foam quickly bounces back into place the second you lay down on it. It will remember exactly how you feel and your favorite sleeping positions. It’s also great because it’s comfortable, cooling, and it provides additional support.
  • Transition layer – the third layer is 3 inches thick. This transition layer is important because it is made of embedded foam and medical grade cooling gel. This layer is a transitional support layer and really helps to cool down the mattress. So if you get hot while sleeping, you’ll really appreciate this cooling layer because it will help you feel comfortable and cool all night long.
  • Foundation layer – this is the main layer of the mattress and it is 6 inches thick. It’s made of high density foam and has the ability to provide deep compression support.

Support & Firmness

If you’re going to buy a new mattress, it’s definitely going to have to be able to support you so that you do not end up feeling pain or back problems.

The great thing about the Nectar mattress is that it actually only has one level of firmness. If 10 is the firmest mattress possible, and one is the least firm mattress, the Nectar mattress will fall somewhere between a six and seven.

So, as you can see, this is a relatively firm mattress, but it is not so stiff that it feels uncomfortable.

Plus, the top of the mattress is like a pillow, so it’s incredibly soft and luxurious and quite comfortable to be totally honest with you.

So you can get the best of both worlds with this mattress. You get the soft pillow top as the first layer, and then the other three layers are there for cooling, transition, and support.

How about different sleeping positions?

As far as this mattress is concerned, it definitely has the ability to support all different sleeping positions.

So, if you sleep on your side or sleep on your back, you will definitely feel comfortable no matter which position you like to sleep in on a regular basis.

And if you happen to be like me, and like to move around while you sleep at night, you’ll also feel quite comfortable no matter which position you happen to end up in while you are sleeping.

Whether you lay on your stomach, your side, or your back, you will certainly experience the right support that you need. Plus it’s very comfortable, so this is an all-around great mattress that provides luxurious support.

How Comfortable Is the Nectar Sleep Mattress?

We just talked a lot about support, but I would also like to take a closer look at comfort, because this really is a very comfortable mattress and I want the whole world to know it.

As mentioned, it has a very soft pillow top layer that practically makes it feel like you are sleeping on a cloud.

On top of that, the material is also supple and soft, and the different layers of foam will contour to your body, and this will certainly add to an even greater level of comfort.

Plus, you have the gel foam layer inside of this mattress. The gel layer is great because it helps to cool down the mattress. And if you are one of these people like me that have a tendency to get hot at night, you will definitely appreciate the gel layer because it will help keep you cool on the warmest nights.

Will I Sink into the Soft Mattress?

Before I picked up the Nectar sleep mattress, I was really worried that it was going to be so soft that I would sink into the mattress at night.

I really hate sleeping on a mattress that sinks so far in that it feels like I’m going to have a difficult time rolling out of bed.

Well, I can happily tell you that this mattress is great because you’ll sink in a little bit, but it isn’t so much that you feel like you are sinking too deep.

And if you sleep near the edge of the mattress, it has something called edge support, which will prevent you from rolling off the mattress at night.


In conducting my Nectar mattress review, I was able to really get insider information from the company that makes these fine products.  I suggest you use the Nectar mattress promo code & coupon below and pick one up for yourself if you are in the market for a new mattress.

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