Snake River Farms Beef

Snake River Farms and Double R Ranch have made a commitment to their customers to provide the highest quality beef and other forms of meat available today. They are part of the Agri Beef Co., which is a business that is owned and operated by members of the same family. They are dedicated to producing pork and beef of the highest quality in the USA and continue to strive toward selling high-quality products at affordable prices for all of their great customers.  Today we’ll not only share my experience with buying from this company, but at the bottom of this review you’ll see a Snake River Farms Promo code so you can save some cash if you decide to buy from them.

Snake River Farms Beef

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Snake River Farms Review 2017

This fantastic company was originally formed in 1968 by Robert Rebholtz Sr. When the company was originally founded, it started out as a feeding and ranching operation but grew much larger than that when they incorporated animal nutrition, beef processing, sales and marketing into the business model to create a fully functioning, well-rounded business.

Ultimately, this is a good thing for their customers because they have the ability to sell top shelf, high quality beef and pork that’s humanely raised with animal well-being considered throughout the entire process.

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Focusing on Resource Sustainability

One of the main reasons why Snake River Farms is so successful is because of their focus on resource sustainability. They recognize the value of long-term sustainability and as a family they have made this a big part of their focus throughout the years. They work this way because they realize it’s important for current economic opportunities and it adds value to their business and their customers for many years moving into the future.

They implement sustainable practices in a number of ways. They focus on water reclamation, local crop sourcing, composting, and more. Some of their main resource sustainability efforts are as follows:

  • They are focused on promoting healthy range lands through their rotational grazing program at the Double R Ranch.
  • They use locally sourced cattle feed and do not go further than 150 miles of each feed yard location.
  • They recycle cattle waste and use it as compost which becomes nutrient rich fertilizer for farmers in the area.
  • AB Washington Beef, one of their locations, has reduced its use of water by 40% per pound of beef.
  • They’ve displaced 20% of their need for natural gas using a biogas dome.
  • Their biodiesel plant uses excess beef tallow to create additional fuel.

Snake River Farms Total Commitment to Quality

As an organization committed to the responsible raising of healthy beef and pork for their customers, this company has committed to total quality each and every step of the way. In fact, there total commitment to quality is permeated throughout their entire philosophy of the beef lifecycle.

What does this mean? It means that they only select the highest quality, premium Northwest cattle when choosing the safest, top-notch animals to raise. These animals will have received key food safety certificates from such prominent organizations as the Global Food Safety Initiative and the United States Department of Agriculture.

Snake River Farms Is Committed to Animal Well-Being

To prove that they are completely committed to an approach focused on preserving and protecting the well-being of their animals, they utilize techniques and specific programs that require the best care and handling of animals all the time.

Some of the benefits of this poignant program include the following:

  • All employees are thoroughly trained on how to handle animals using low stress animal handling techniques.
  • They are focused on following all of the beef quality assurance animal care and well-being standards.
  • They check their cattle each day using trained cowboys to make sure they are healthy and experiencing a positive well-being.
  • The cattle are not penned in and so cramped that they cannot move. In fact, their cattle are provided with ample moving room to continue to participate in their natural behaviors.
  • They are fed twice each day and given fresh water which is made available to them 24 hours per day.

Beef and Pork Options at Snake River Farms

At Snake River Farms, they sell a wide range of beef and pork options for their customers to choose from. They include:

  • American Wagyu Beef – steaks, roasts, cold grade, brisket, burgers and dogs, ribs, and specialty items.
  • Kurobuta Pork – pork chops, ham, ribs, roasts, bacon, and specialty items.
  • Northwest Beef – steaks, roasts, prime, brisket, ribs, burgers and dogs, collections, and specialty items.
  • BBQ – competitive barbecue, backyard barbecue, collections, and specialty items.

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If you’re looking for top-quality beef and pork, look no further than Snake River Farms. While you’re on their website, check out their specials, recipes, cooking guides, and so much more. And enjoy this high quality meat at every meal!

I usually don't share videos made by companies I review (because essentially they are ads) but this one was very informative.  Enjoy!

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