Bacon Nation Bacon Master Crispy Bacon Every Time

What kind of guy doesn’t like bacon?

Whether we are making a huge breakfast for the family, or just looking for a little sizzle on the skillet, bacon is a big part of our diet.  Let’s face it, it tastes amazing.

Today I have an incredible product that will make you crispy bacon, and it comes from a brand I know and love, Kotulas.

Where to Buy the Bacon Nation Crispy Bacon Maker

When I saw this item on TV, I thought it was an ideal component to add to my kitchen.  But when I shopped at one of my favorite stores,, and saw it stocked, I knew it was a product that could be depended on and an actual useful item that I’d use time and time again.

Cooking Crispy Bacon

Here is a photo of the Bacon Master in action!

Buy It Here – Bacon Nation Bacon Master Cooker – Crispy Bacon Every Time

I love making bacon, but I hate the whole process of doing it.  The Bacon Nation makes crispy bacon that takes the entire process of actually tending to the food out of your hands.  Watch the video below.  I literally left the product on to cook the bacon (I like mine crispy, made pancakes, refilled my coffee, and read a magazine.  All while I was making crispy bacon!

Here’s a quick video I made showing the product in use!

The Bacon Nation reviews I read have all been positive.  My only con is listed below, but it does have a bit of an asterisk.

Con’s of the Bacon Master Cooker

It took a little bit long for my liking.  However, I’m going to add that it was my first use (I always write my initial product reviews based on my first experience and then come back to update them when I have more time invested in them) and I didn’t really give it a chance to heat up.  I guess it was dumb of me to expect the thing to go from fresh out of the box to a temperature that would literally fry bacon before my eyes in a rapid manner.

It did take about twenty minutes overall to get the bacon where I wanted it to be.

Bacon Nation Bacon Master Cooker - Crispy Bacon Every Time

Get It Here

Pro’s of the Bacon Nation Master Cooker

I have to say, there is no easier way to make bacon than this product.  You simply plug it in, hang your slices over the rack, close the top, choose your setting (there are only two depending on desired crispiness), and wait.  I didn’t have to tend to it once, although I did open the top to check on it just to ensure it wasn’t overcooking or starting a grease fire.  There have been no reports of that in the various Bacon Master reviews I’ve seen online, so I don’t think there is anything to worry about.

Overall, this is a nice addition to the kitchen that cooks crispy bacon with absolute ease. The clean up is very minimal, the set up is ZERO, and the end result, well, I’ll let you be the judge.

Now, the big question is – where is the best place to buy bacon online?

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