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Are you ready to take home brewing to the next level? If so, then you are in for an absolute treat my friend.  Talk about a perfect idea to add to your man cave!

We’ve recently discovered what many are considering the best home brewery equipment currently available on the planet today. The Beer Machine is like having your own personal microbrewery right in your house, and it creates wonderful tasting microbrews that you and your friends are going to love.

Do you like sharing your homebrewed microbrews with your friends while watching football on Sundays? Or maybe you enjoy sharing your personal brews with your family members and friends? They are going to fall head over heels in love with anything you create when using The Beer Machine.

We’re going to provide a full and thorough review of this machine right now. If you’re already convinced that it’s worth the money at $99, then head over to the website and visit right now to find out more.

What Is the Beer Machine?

To help you fully understand the amazing benefits that you’ll experience once buying the Beer Machine, we wanted to share a detailed look at this incredible piece of brewing equipment. You will honestly impress your family members, friends, coworkers and anyone else that you are trying to astonish with this amazing microbrew.

The thing that we personally like the most about the Beer Machine is that it utilizes the most advanced technology currently available today to create a personal mini microbrewery right in your home. It has the ability to brew, ferment, and even carbonate and dispense wonderful tasting microbrews that you can create right in your own home.

Why do we recommend this home brewing system over many of the other options currently available today? Well, we like this particular option because it is easy to use. As a matter of fact, if you look at the website they will tell you that it is a foolproof system. And I’m going to add that just like Geico; even a caveman can do it!

Do you know what else is really cool about this home brewing system? It’s compact and very easy to store. In fact, the geniuses that created this home microbrewery system made it small enough that it can easily fit right in your refrigerator.

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But the most important thing that I want to get across to you right now is that this is a fully functioning system and it only costs $99. As a matter of fact, you will have every single thing that you need to create your first microbrew the second you take it out of the box and begin diving into the directions to get started.

And it has some really amazing features that you’re undoubtedly going to love, because everybody that I’ve talked to seems to enjoy them. The main features that I want you to get to know and understand better include the following:

  • beer dispensing tap for draft beer
  • PSI pressure gauge that allows you to monitor the carbonation level, the dispensing pressure and the brew quality
  • pressure relief and carbonation unit system specifically designed to help you maintain the perfect brewing conditions possible throughout the entire process
  • defoamer disc, CO2 cartridges, yeast and one Brewers Select premium beer mix

On a side note, each package of the beer mix will make 28 twelve ounce servings, so you get even more than a case of beer out of each package of the beer mix.

The Beer Machine Optional Bottling Kit

Another excellent additional product offered by the makers of the Beer Machine is the optional bottling kit. You can pick this kit up directly from their website by clicking here.

You get the following with the optional bottling kit:

  • 20 PET reusable bottle caps and the accompanying bottles. Please know that these bottles were specifically designed with the use of putting carbonated beverages in then in mind.
  • Beer bottling attachment – this attachment makes it easy to bottle the beer without having to expose it to the outside air during the transfer process. This will make it stay carbonated and very fresh. Plus the beer will taste better and last a lot longer if you use their beer bottling attachment and the suggested reusable bottles.

Additional Information about Assembling the Beer Machine

Many people would love to brew their own microbrews from home, but they often fear that the assembly process is going to be difficult and more than they can handle. To make it easier, we’d like to share some additional information about the assembly process with you today.

  • Assembly instructions – it’s easy to get a full set of assembly instructions online. Visit the website, go to the FAQ section, and download the Assembly and Brewing guide.
  • Tips for installing the clamps – to properly install the clamps, use olive oil and rub along the outside edge of the main seal after it has been placed into the grooved channel. Avoid getting olive oil onto the outside edge of the seal. You can also dab vegetable oil onto the inside runners of each clamp. This will make it easier to slide them.
  • Tips for installing the main seal – to make it easy to install the main seal, know that there is no top or bottom side to it so you can put it in any way that you want. Start working on one corner of the case half and make sure that it is firmly sealed in place. Then it’s just a matter of repeating the process over for the next two corners. You can stretch the seal slightly if it feels a bit too short while pressing it into the channel.

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Additional Brewing Tips

Some additional brewing tips include:

  • For flat beer – check for a CO2 leak. Make sure that the PSI gauge reads between 10 to 15 during the fermenting process.
  • What is the best water to use? We recommend using chlorinated tap water during the brewing process. It’s better than spring or well water because it is bacteria free.

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