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Marriage seals the deal, but it takes a lot of hard work to keep your relationship thriving. Taking things for granted is the last thing you should do after starting your journey as a married couple and parents. Find creative ways to maintain intimacy and nurture your love for each other. Celebrating special occasions is the best way to keep things going well. But you need to think beyond the run-of-the-mill gifts and plans for special days like birthdays and anniversaries. Women often have a tough time in this context because they cannot really figure out ways to impress men. Let us share some incredible ways to surprise your husband on your anniversary this year.

Book a second honeymoon

Booking a second honeymoon is a great idea to surprise your husband on your big day. Explore nearby destinations to create a short itinerary amid his busy work schedule. You can even plan a romantic staycation at home if he cannot take a longer break from work. Invest effort in planning a perfect setting with roses, wine, and their favorite playlist. Be ready to please him in bed as a part of the re-honeymoon.

Pamper him with a spa session

You can pamper your partner with a relaxing spa session if travel is not on the cards. Give him a gift coupon at his favorite salon. Even better, plan a DIY session at home because it can be a super-romantic experience. He will love the feel of your hands caressing his body and touching the pleasure points. Buy a premium aromatherapy kit and learn the massage basics from a YouTube video, and you are all set to show your love.

Buy him a kinky present

Think beyond the conventional anniversary gifts like perfumes, watches, and flowers this year and plan something unexpected. Buy a kinky one like a blowjob masturbator as an incredible surprise for your partner. He can use it while traveling or even at home to experience the pleasure of oral stimulation. You can be sure about impressing him with this surprise on your anniversary.

Plan a creative date

Planning a creative date is another great idea to surprise your husband on a special occasion. You can book a table at his favorite restaurant and add on by hiring a musician or reserving the poolside just for yourself. Try decking up your backyard and cooking a delicious meal at home if the budget is tight. Remember to send the kids to a friend’s place to enjoy a romantic night after the date.

Surprise him in bed

Ring in your anniversary with a special surprise in bed at midnight. Hide a bottle of his favorite wine under the bed, dress up in new lingerie, and wake him up with a passionate kiss. You can even do something special to make the night more exciting for him. Plan a role-play session or play a hot movie to turn him on. Be as creative as possible to get him in a playful mode.

An anniversary surprise for your husband can do wonders for your relationship as it shows how much you love him. Try these romantic ideas to impress him this year!

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