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If your like me, bacon is bacon, unless you are looking for something so over the top that everyone who samples it will know first hand that you did NOT buy that at the local super market.

Where to Buy Quality Bacon Online

When I have a big party, I put out cups of bacon.  Yes, cups full of thick cut bacon.  I last did it at my ugly sweater party for Christmas.

Where did I get this novel idea?

Well, Prime 112, the best restaurant in Miami Beach.  They do this at their bar, where they usually make you wait for a good 30 minutes prior to seating you.

Buying Bacon Online

I used to think this was a flawed idea, giving people free food who are about to go spend 100’s upon 100’s of dollars, but then it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Bacon is FULL of sodium.  Sodium makes us hungrier!  Brilliant!

Anyways, if you are looking for places to buy bacon online, I suggest you check out the following stores that I have reviewed by accessing the links below.  I personally do all my best shopping online when I have a ton of time to research, which is a reason I put up this website to begin with, to help people do research of cool things for guys.

So, pork lovers, or people who are buying gifts for bacon lovers, please check out the vendors below which I have personally checked out and used myself.  I’ve included reviews of every place I have purchased bacon online, so you can rest assured everything is fully vetted and you won’t get ripped off.


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