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Selfie sticks are fast becoming a phenomenon that is nothing short of a necessity. They are becoming a major tech product that is being made to help people record themselves doing just about anything.  The key point is to buy one that offers the most features for the most competitive price out there because any numbers of brands are now in the running for well-made and multi-functional selfie sticks.

2023 Update:  I just found out this product is no longer being made.  However, many better selfie sticks have been made since I wrote this article.

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The Thrill Pro Selfie Stick Reviews

Check out my personal experience with this selfie stick!  Then, if you like it, buy it on Amazon with this special link to the lowest price.

Alaska Life Selife Stick Thrill Pro

This is how it looks in the box.

Moneyback Guarentee

When you buy this brilliant product you are given the option of returning it for a refund if you are not satisfied with its performance. The brand which is marketing the entire escapade is called The Alaska Life and they have so much faith in the product that they can easily offer this service. Feedback is highly encouraged as they are always looking to improve.


This selfie stick is unlike any others because it can accommodate a variety of gadgets such as iPhones, camcorders, GoPro, DSLR cameras, or absolutely anything that supports a lens of 80mms. It also comes with a monopod which is an absolute lifesaver if you want more professional looking photos and are shy or wary of strangers doing the work for you. You can simply set up the monopod and you are good to go. It is perfect for vacations or when you are in challenging environments like in the rugged outdoors.

Lasts Like A Bomb

The ThrillPro is made for the youngster’s mindset so you know it is durable like all hell and made from really strong materials. It doesn’t have Bluetooth and it is fully waterproof so you can finally take those underwater pictures and selfies you always wanted to. It is really made for everyday camera usage as well as wildlife photography if it comes to it. The use of the tripod which is included is incredibly versatile and can be adapted to whatever activities you want to capture.

The Perfect Gift

If you have a friend who is a photography enthusiast then this will make a perfect present and even more so if you have friends or relations who are relatively amateur in the art of photography. The device with all its components of selfie stick, monopod, tripod, superb adaptability to a variety of devices works well even for people that do not know the first thing about photography.

Further Features Exposed

The entire ThrillPro is very light which makes it a wonder for traveling photography enthusiasts. It can be bent and fit into almost anything which makes it incredible and always ready to set up and use. It has also been adapted for underwater usage which is a double bonus. You get a great guarantee as well which is rare for products which are sold through a middleman online but here you get the proper claims and rights as a customer.

alaska life selfie stick

The back of the box shows all the intended uses.


You can buy the product at Amazon and possibly get a further discount if you are a frequent customer. The running price (subject to change as per the manufacturer’s wishes) is $36.95. This changes when there is a sale or if you are buying from another site where they are trying to clear out the stock.

This item works wonders with the Go Pro Hero 4 Black!  (That’s what I use with it.)

Here’s the Amazon link again.

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