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My girlfriend and I have been using Uber a lot lately to get around town, and after seeing the ridiculously surge pricing on New Years Eve this year (it would have been over $40 for a 4 minute ride!) and the money that can be made on the side, we’re thinking about joining Uber as drivers and giving rides whenever we have time to make some extra cash and save for a vacation or something.

In order to be a good Uber driver, and just a regular driver in general, it helps when you have some certain accessories in your car to make the driving experience as easy as possible. After picking up a portable charger from Anker, the next thing I bought was this dashboard-mounted smartphone holder so I can go hands-free in my car.

Going hands-free in the car now with this smartphone holder! #thingsmenbuy #handsfree #smartphone

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A Dashboard Smartphone Holder That Does Its Job

I wasn’t looking for anything fancy, and for less than $10 on Amazon this was a great buy. I wasn’t familiar with the brand TaoTronics before this, but they sell a ton of different technology products like bluetooth¬†headphones and speakers and car kits and headsets. After looking at the reviews, it was rated well enough for me to pull the trigger at this great price.

Right out of the box, it was easy to assemble with just two pieces that fit together. On the bottom is a suction cup that be suctioned (and unstuck) from your dashboard with the turn of a lever. It was pretty simple to put on my dashboard, though I’ll note that I had much better success when applying it to the hard material above the center console area as opposed to closer to my window where this is leather upholstery. It can also be affixed to the windshield and that may work better for me so I can put it all the way to the left and out of my driving view more.

taotronics dashboard phone mount review

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It has a 180 degree adjustable arm so no matter where you place it, you can orient it so it is viewable. It was adjustable clasps on it that be configured just about any smartphone. It holds my Samsung Galaxy S6 just fine when I put it in there, and can be widened to fit even the biggest phones like an iPhone 6 Plus.

What I like about this phone mount:

  1. The price. For under $10, it is a great value.
  2. Adjustable – fits any phone, tilts for best viewing no matter where you stick it.
  3. Good suction – I can’t imagine this sliding off at all (you can release a lever to undo the suction cup), and if it loses its stickiness you can just wash it and let it air dry.

I’m sure this device will come in handy when Ubering, and for just driving around in general. I’ve been meaning to get something like this for a while and am very happy with my purchase from TaoTronics so far.

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