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Hosting companies come and hosting companies go, but as you are about to learn, Arvixe is here for the long haul. This hosting provider has been in business for more than 11 years now. So it shows that they have longevity in the marketplace. It also shows that they have been able to continue to grow steadily throughout their time in existence, and even more importantly to understand, during their more than 11 years of history they have become one of the best and brightest hosting companies in the business.

Arvixe Website Hosting Review and Coupon

We particularly love Arvixe because this hosting company is small enough that it can provide fantastic customer service, but large enough to provide top-of-the-line servers and all of the best equipment that you’d expect from a high-quality hosting company such as this.

By thoroughly testing out this hosting platform, it gave us the opportunity to learn all about the company, their shared hosting, their customer service, and so much more. And we want to share that information with you today, so that’s exactly what we’re going to do right now.

Arvixe Hosting Plans

Although Arvixe offers a wide range of hosting plans including dedicated hosting, VPS, business hosting packages and reseller hosting, we are going to focus strictly on their shared hosting packages today.

With the Personal Class plans offered through the shared hosting package, there are two major options to choose from. The first plan is called the Personal Class plan. The second one is called the Personal Class Pro hosting package.

There is really only one major difference between both of these hosting plans, and that is in regards to the number of available domains that each plan will allow you to use.

For the Personal Class plan, you are only allowed to have six domains or less when you have this particular hosting package.

For the Personal Class Pro plan, things change quite dramatically, and you are allowed to have unlimited domains hosted on this particular server.

This is a huge difference as you can imagine, and if you plan to build many websites then this hosting package is certainly for you. If you only plan to host six or less websites, then the Personal Class plan is definitely going to be more than you need.

And even more importantly, if you are uncertain for any reason and think that you may eventually build more websites, you’d be better off going with the Personal Class Pro plan right away. There’s no reason to make things more difficult for yourself, so just spend a couple of extra bucks and get the better unlimited plan immediately instead of having to make the change later on down the line.

Arvixe Shared Hosting Plan Features

All in all, even though we love this hosting company, we did not feel like there was a major wow factor as far as extravagant extra features are concerned. We did not feel that this took anything away from the shared hosting plans whatsoever, and for the price it’s definitely worth it so we want to make sure that this is abundantly clear.

But we did really like one specific thing about the hosting services that they do provide. You see, they offer SSD hosting, and we were very impressed with this. So impressed that you may say that they even wowed us! It looks like there was a wow factor after all.

Another special feature that many other hosting companies do not offer is the fact that they offer Windows hosting and Linux hosting. Most companies do not provide Windows hosting, so this is a special feature that they offer. You also have the opportunity to upgrade to VPS hosting, and Ruby on the Rails is even provided.

Here’s a quick list of some of the best features that Arvixe has to offer:

  • PHP choice
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Preinstalled GIT
  • Ruby on the Rails
  • Free Domain for Life
  • Free Image Hosting Script from Cheverato
  • RVSite Builder
  • Daily Website Backups
  • Many more great options

Our favorite reasons why we love Arvixe

Here’s a quick list of some of the reasons why we truly love the shared hosting packages from Arvixe:

  • The resource allocation is generous – when you’re looking at budget hosting such a shared hosting, one of the major concerns that you have to worry about is if they are going to give you access to ample amounts of resources. That’s no problem and nothing to worry about when it comes to Arvixe, because the resource allocation is shared amongst everyone and it is shared fairly. There’s no reason to fear that one user will end up hogging all of the resources as part of your shared hosting plan because that would never happen.
  • Phenomenal company reputation – Arvixe has an incredible reputation in the hosting business. The company has been around for a long time, and they plan on staying around for many years to come. So you know that you’re dealing with a hosting company that you can trust.
  • 60 day money back guarantee – if their excellent reputation wasn’t enough for you, then feel even more confident in your shared hosting purchase by recognizing that they will provide your money back in its entirety during the 60 day money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with the product for any reason, contact customer support and let them know that you are looking for a full refund. They will grant this refund to you with no questions asked.
  • Inexpensive hosting – one of our favorite reasons for choosing Arvixe as our host of choice is the pure and simple fact that this is a low-cost hosting company that provides high quality products and service. Between the SSD hosting and the incredible uptime, you’ll never go wrong with an Arvixe shared hosting package.

At this time, we would normally share some of the negative things that we’ve experienced with a company. But truth be told, there really is nothing negative to tell you. How about that!

Visit the company website to choose your favorite Arvixe shared hosting plan.


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