Selfie sticks today come with so many features that it can easily become quite confusing which one to get. Whether you love taking selfies when you are on an adventure, or you want to make videos for your social media page with ease, a selfie stick is a must have these days. If you are buying one for the first time, there are some important features to consider that will make your experience so much better.

You may remember a review I posted a few years ago about the ThrillPro.  Today, I’m going to share with you some info about the market, because it’s changed drastically since then.

Guide to Buying Selfie Sticks in 2018

Read our little guide below to find the best selfie stick. It covers the most important features that are widely popular and should hopefully land you a very good selfie stick.

Size – Selfie sticks come in all sizes and lengths. But the most important bit is the size of the cradle at the end of the selfie stick. Since smartphones are now mostly big, you need to make sure the cradle of the stick is able to easily grasp your large phone. If you have a small phone, then you may not need to worry about sizes.

Additional attachments – Selfie sticks these days also offers the ability to attach more accessories. For example, you can find a selfie stick that also converts into a tripod, giving you the ability to capture stable shots. If you want more out of a selfie stick, check out the ones that come with extensions.

Remote control – Selfie sticks are useless if you do not have any mechanism on the stick that at least allows you to take a shot with a press of a button. Most selfie sticks come with a Bluetooth feature that connects to your phone and lets you take shots with a press of button. But be aware, there are selfie sticks that do not have this functionality.

Cradle grip – consider the safety of your device when buying a selfie stick. Usually a selfie stick should have a tight cradle with a very nice grip that holds your phone together. Steer clear of sticks that have a cheap grip because your phone can easily fall off from a height that it may not endure.

Length – even though length is very important, sometimes longer can mean inconvenience. Long selfie sticks tend to take a lot of luggage space and are hard to carry around. If you travel a lot, try to find a selfie stick that easily folds and become small when needed.

Of course, if you want all of the homework done for you, follow this selfie stick buying guide and just thank me later.  These guys put together some solid reviews, and I personally haven’t found a better place to find solid reviews.

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