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As a blogger or website owner, we spend a lot of time creating and managing good content that we believe will help in increasing our traffic. But the sad reality is that we often do not focus enough energies on actually pushing the website to gain traffic organically. In today’s tech product review, I talk about a great product that I actually endorse on another site of mine. Click here to read that SemRush Review, which may be more in depth than this one.

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SEM Rush Review

Here is a SemRush video review you can check out that I did for my popular educational course.

If we are to attract any traffic from the search engines, or want to compete against a tough competitor, it is very important to optimize your website with keywords. You can check how well your site is doing in terms of keywords by using analytics and plan ahead.  The above review video shows exactly how to use it.

But what common analytic tools don’t provide is in-depth statistics related to the keyword you are targeting. If you want an extensive overview of how a keyword is being used, then allow me to introduce you to SemRush.

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SemRush is a powerful keyword research and competitor analysis tool created by the same company known for putting out the popular SEOQuake addon for Firefox and other browsers. By using SemRush, you can easily find which keywords are driving massive traffic to your competitors website or blog. Once you find a reliable keyword to target, you can then create high quality content revolving around that keyword and its related keywords. This will ultimately earn you a better position in search engines for that particular keyword.

Using SemRush is extremely easy. As soon as you sign up and log on to the dashboard, you are provided by a menu to play with. The most important menu here is the keyword organic search positions. Simply add a URL of a site you want to analyze and let SemRush do the job.

Once you put a URL inside the SemRush organic search positions, you get the following information:

Keyword – All of the keywords a site is getting traffic from

Volume – the total number of exact match queries for the selected keyword in any area.

Position – the position of the keyword in Google or other search engines. You can select the area/city/country you are targeting to see local positions.

URL – the URL from which the traffic is coming from

CPC – the average cost per click for an ad

Com – competition for the advertisers for that particular keyword. If the number is lower, it suggests that competition is low for that keyword.

Trends – shows the trend for the keyword being listed from the last 12 months.

Results – the number of how many search engine results are being returned.

Using this data, you can easily optimize any content you write to target masses and obtain more traffic.

Visit them with this link:  Official SemRush Website

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