Anker Powercore 15600 Portable Charger

Everyone knows that after a while, your phone’s battery starts dying. I’ve had my current phone for about a year now and I’m already seeing it’s battery power deplete before my very eyes. It’s just deterioration after repeated use, charging it every day and night. It happens.

Rather than buy another phone for like $500, I was looking for a way to keep my phone topped off when I’m on the go. Something that would be great to have with me in the console of my car, or take with me on an airplane when I want to watch movies on my Kindle Fire on a long flight but not risk running my battery down to zero. I found that in the Anker portable charger.

I also thought it’d be a good gift idea for my girlfriend that she could carry in her purse. She’ll always text me at work that she forgot her charging cord and I’d get a message “I’m down to 5%” and need to send her a message on Facebook or something if I needed to reach her. So I picked a couple of these up and I can’t be happier, as detailed in my full review below.

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anker portable charger review

Anker Portable Charger Review

I looked at the options on Amazon and read through the comments and it seemed pretty unanimous that this is the top brand to buy when it comes to these kinds of technology products, so I gave them a go.

There are a ton of different models available that have a wide range in size and battery power, and I went with the Powercore 15600 for myself and the Astro E3 for my girlfriend. The 15600 is an absolute beast in size and will definitely not fit in my pocket, but I didn’t intend it for that use as I will be using it in the car or in my luggage while traveling. The Astro is smaller, about the size of a smartphone but just a little bit thicker and would fit in my pocket.

Time to give this @anker_official #portable battery pack a test spin! Review coming soon! #powercore

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I chose the 15600 because of the sheer power it delivers, and the price was right at under $30. When fully charged, it can recharge my Samsung Galaxy phone up to 4 times. I like that it will last that long between needing to charge it back up again. It will be great for road trips, airline travel, or out on a golf trip. The Astro sacrifices a little power due to its smaller size and can recharge my phone about 2.5 – 3 times. It’ll be good in a pinch.

This thing is definitely durable and built to last, it’s like a small brick in my hand and has a bit of weight to it, which can be expected due to the power it packs. I plugged it in when I got it to top it off and have been charging my phone and Kindle exclusively with it the last couple days and it still hasn’t run out of juice yet. Charging both devices is made even simpler since it has two ports, so I can charge both at once.

All in all, I’m really happy with this purchase and will definitely be taking it with me when I travel later in the month. It’ll be a lifesaver for all of us in the ice shack on our annual ice fishing trip!


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