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At the moment, action cameras are all the rage. And rightfully so, because these amazing cameras have the ability to take awesome live action shots as they happen in real time. If there’s a surfer in your family, and you want to catch him or her in the middle of some awesome maneuver out on the waves, you can do so with an action camera.

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GoPro Hero 4 Review and Full Unboxing Video

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words.  A video has to be worth one million, in that case.  So let’s just take a look as I open up this bad boy and dive in with two feet.

At the time of this writing, our absolute favorite action camera available at the moment is called the Go Pro Hero 4. This little camera is literally taking the world by storm, and it is revolutionizing the action camera industry in ways that we might have never imagined possible.

To put things in perspective, we are going to share detailed information about this awesome camera. Pay close attention if you’re looking for a new action camera, because by the end of this you’ll be convinced that the Go Pro Hero 4 is the best-of-breed and the one to buy.

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Interesting Options and Changes with the Go Pro Hero 4

Before we tell you exactly what you’re going to get when you open the box, we’d like to share a couple of interesting options and some changes that are available with this new model.

go pro hero 4 review

Amazing packaging, simply impeccable presentation.

To start this off, the first thing that we wanted to bring to your attention is that there are currently three available editions of the Go Pro Hero 4 action camera, and they include: Silver, Black and the brand-new Session camera that retails for $400.

Next, it’s interesting to note that this camera is actually 50% smaller in design than the previous version of the Go Pro Hero 3. And with a smaller design comes less weight. In fact, the newest model called the Go Pro Hero 4 weighs 40% less than its predecessor. It’s perfect for those looking for a small, lightweight camera that they can easily bring with them while on the go.

Some other excellent additional features include: faster frame rates, better resolution, external microphone support, and a higher bit rate just to name a few.

When you compare this model to the Hero 3, the first big improvement that we noticed right away is that it’s much simpler to remove the battery. But this new model also has twice the processing power, so in actuality you’re going to need a lot of extra batteries on hand in order to take full advantage of this model. So it’s certainly a good thing that it’s easier to remove the battery because you’re going to be doing it quite often.

What’s included with the Go Pro Hero 4?

When you open the box you will find:

  • the standard camera housing
  • a skeleton back door to easily access the camera
  • a rechargeable battery
  • a curved adhesive mount
  • quick release buckles
  • a flat adhesive mount
  • a mini USB cable
  • in a three-way pivot arm

Go Pro Hero 4 Pros

As you can imagine, there are many things to love about the Go Pro Hero 4. Since we want you to be fully informed while making your purchasing decision, we’ve decided to share what we feel is best about this incredible action camera.

Retail Hero 4 Display

This is what the action camera looks like in retail settings.

The pros include:

  • 4K resolution – we really happen to love this feature because it helps to provide a phenomenal picture quality. And when you’re taking action shots using this wonderful action camera, you obviously want the best picture quality possible. And that’s precisely what you’re going to get with the Go Pro Hero 4.
  • High frame rate capture – this is particularly important because of the fact that you’ll be using this camera to take action shots. By having the ability to capture high frame rates, you’ll have crystal clear action pictures that you can enjoy.
  • 12 megapixel photos.
  • More image control.

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Go Pro Hero 4 Cons

  • Inadequate battery life – as mentioned, the battery runs out quickly with this camera. You will need to buy multiple backup batteries to take advantage of the full use.
  • No preview screen – many people complained about the lack of a preview screen with the Go Pro Hero 4. If you do not mind the lack of a preview screen, then this will not be a problem.

As you can clearly see, we highly recommend the Go Pro Hero 4. It’s currently our favorite action camera on the market right now, and it’s definitely worth the investment.

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