Silk Innovation Vault Slim Wallet for Iphone 6 & 6S

Yep, you heard it right.  In the span of one year, I broke 10 iphone 6 Pluses.  So it was time to try the Silk Innovation Vault Slim Wallet.  This time, I wasn’t going to let my own stupidity make me look like an idiot, being the guy with the cracked screen and always having to go to Apple or AT&T to get a new phone after a weekend of stupidity – or just dumb luck – that ended up with me having a non-functioning or less than appealing iPhone 6 plus.

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Iphone Wallets & Covers

Here are the four color options available.

Iphone 6 Covers That Actually Work

You can really find out a lot about how you live by how many times you shatter the screen on your phone.  I’m both clumsy and unlucky.  The fact that I’ve broken three phones by having them drop from my pocket while being in my Cadillac Escalade is very unfortunate.  Iphone 6’s are slim enough that they will slide down your pocket if it’s large enough and at the right angle. Yeah, I may have broken three from that exact scenario – but I can say I got lucky on about four to five others that fell from four feet or more that didn’t break!

It’s been a couple months now, and I can say that this cover works well.

Here is what I like about it.

  1. It’s razor slim.  I can’t stand thick cases that make my pocket look huge and make me feel uncomfortable.  (See the Otter Box.  I had one in the past and can’t stand them.)
  2. You can use the wallet function.  I don’t really use it other than to keep business cards in there.  My son pointed out that “what if you lose your phone?  You’ll lose your phone, and your wallet.”  good point, kid.
  3. It’s cheap.  Check it out on Amazon.  I got mine for $14.95.  It should be a $49.95 product.  (I buy a lot of tech products.)

The product comes in four unique colors.  Midnight black, red, champagne gold, and pacific green.

Check Out my iPhone Vault Wallet Video Review

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