TaoTronics Mobile Device Holder

The TaoTronics mobile device holder has been around for quite some time now. It essentially was designed to stick to a surface and allow one to record themselves while driving.

However, this was NOT my experience.  What a piece of garbage this product was!

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TaoTronics Mobile Device Holders

Here’s some stock information about what this device is and what it’s supposed to do.  I will state that this information was gathered from the web because I was so disgusted with this purchase that I didn’t want to spend five minutes writing about it.  (Read below.)

The suction cup included at the base of the device is complimented by an incremental sticky gel layer so that whatever the surface on which you’re going to use the Holder on, the Holder will always settle peacefully and ensure a quite strong grip that will maintained. In any case you do need to switch places and feel the Gel has been weakened, simply rinse it hot water and let it dry out. It will bring back the original strength of the gel as if it was brand new.

The Holder also features an adjustable arm that can rotate up to 180 degrees. This in turn allows the user to place the Holder on any particular sot of their preference and they can simply adjust the arm to hold your device in the perfect spot making it much easier to handle and access.

The Holder itself is also able to perform 360 degree rotations which means that you can exact the viewing angle that you prefer. This means that you longer have to straighten up or undo the seat belt every time you need to access your device.

The arms themselves that hold the device can extended up to 3.9 inches which means that whatever the size of your device, The TaoTronics Mobile Device Holder can hold them all. This means that fitting in an iPhone 6 or Galaxy Note 4 is a cinch and hassle free.

The Product is also accompanied by a 1 year warranty from SunValleyTek, which is among the Top 100 Mobile Accessories Retailers in the world. The Holder itself is not affected by the severity of the weather and has been able to maintain its grip on the surfaces without any significant changes. This can be deal maker, especially if you intend to use it in your car, as most holders tend to loosen their grip if exposed to enough sunlight.

I personally tried to use this with my Iphone 6 Plus. However it was what I call an EPIC FAIL.  Let me explain.

When you put the phone holder into the cradle, it simple falls right off. The unit doesn’t lock in and hold the phone for the life of itself.  I had my brother try it, because he’s pretty handy and good with gadgets, but to no avail.  This will be going in the garbage just as soon as I do a video of myself with this product showing you exactly what I mean.


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