Costa Rica Bachelor Party

This event is probably the most looked forward to event of a man’s life.  Your wife will always argue that it should the actual wedding day.  I get that, but if it wasn’t for the huge turnout I had from family and friends I’d known since being an infant, and the amazing party we had that night, it’d be just another black out night where the Amex got a solid workout.  I was honored that all four of my Grandparents were in attendance, (they were jamming to R. Kelly and Nelly) as well as friends from South Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, Colorado, California, Chicago, Costa Rica, and many other places I’m sure the Don Julio tequila made me forget.  But let’s face it, I snuck in three bachelor parties for a reason.  The chief reason was that I didn’t want to get married, I just wanted a nuclear family because I had a son and wanted to emulate how my parents raised me.  Like Jeff Foxworthy says, “you can’t fix stupid.”  Let’s just leave it at that and know that while I would re-do my decision to get married that time, I would never re-do my decision to throw a bro weekend in Costa Rica.  Live and learn.  Odds are, you are going to get divorced half the time, so at least make sure you go out with a bang by having a hell of a time in my home away from home.

Today I’m going to share with you everything I know about throwing a bachelor party in Costa Rica.  This review focuses on San Jose, (the City) and Jaco (the beach.)  At the end of the report, you’ll also get my list of places you can stay, as well as some things you should bring.

For me, my bachelor party in Costa Rica was the best of the three for many reasons.  I lived in Costa Rica off and on from 2003 until 2010 and had a home there until 2014.  It’s my home away from home and I consider it a part of my life that truly shaped me to become the person I am today.  Enough about me, you can learn about that if you click this link.  Let’s get down to what I know about throwing bachelor parties in Costa Rica.  This may not resonate with everyone, of course, but I’m just laying it all out there for anyone who is looking for this sort of information.  And let’s be honest, what is there not to like about Costa Rica?

Costa Rica Pic

Lovely Costa Rica.

Planning a Bachelor Party in Costa Rica

Let’s just assume you have a long weekend to work with.  If you have more time and want to know what to do in Costa Rica, just contact me and I’m happy to share my experience with you and guide you on everything you should check out.

Now, there are a few things to know here as you plan your vacation to Costa Rica. I’m going to dumb this down a bit just to cover all the bases, so if I sound like “Captain Obvious,” I’m just making sure this is the most comprehensive article on bachelor parties in the country of Costa Rica known to man.

First off, you’ll need a passport.  I figured for the 99% of people who don’t know that, there are 1% who might “Google” it and find that out later.  So make sure you get yourself a passport.

Second, Costa Rica is located in Central America.  The exact location is directly South of Nicaragua, the country that brings you the fine cigars you can buy online at Famous Smoke, and directly north of Panama, which is a pretty fun place to visit as well.  You can travel to Costa Rica pretty easily from any major hub, with most of them connecting in Dallas or Miami.  I come from Miami and fly direct so for me, it’s simple.  Just about two hours and twenty minutes from take off to landing.

Casinos in Costa Rica

There are several casinos in Costa Rica, including this one in Escazu called the “Fiesta Casino.”

Lastly, be ready for an immersion into another culture.  While English is very widely spoken in the capital city of San Jose, it’s not the primary language.  Spanish is the official language and you’ll be addressed in Spanish at the airport and pretty much any place that isn’t dominated by tourism.  I was an exchange student in Costa Rica in the year 2000, and as mentioned earlier, spent a lot of time living in the country. I  still visit frequently, and when you couple that with living in Miami and being married to a Latina, well, I became fluent in Spanish.  It’s not a hard language to learn, and you’ll get by just fine with basic Spanish, but some people freak out and think Costa Rica isn’t a place to visit if you don’t know Spanish and that could not be further from the truth.  Especially if you are a tourist, and visiting the tourist places you’ll get along just fine with English.  Everyone in important places that you’ll encounter in your trip will speak English.  Taxi drivers and transportation specialists, hotel staff, waiters, bartenders, tour operators, strippers, and “working girls” (more on that later) will all speak some form of at least broken English.

You’ll want to land in San Jose.  There are two major airports in Costa Rica, but the one in Liberia is really only to service the West Coast, called Guanacaste.  I wouldn’t advise you to have a bachelor party out that way, there just isn’t a lot for guys to do out there other than hit the beach and golf.  I love those things, but when your on a bachelor party and want to have at least the presence of females around, well, Guanacaste is not the place to get that accomplished.

Here’s a quick video that will help you get to know what San Jose is like:

Once your in San Jose, you have a very big decision to make.  Do you want to see the capital city and have access to many places, or do you want to go right to the “party beach scene,” of Playa Jaco, which people refer to as “Jaco,” or “Jaco Beach”?

For my money, I always like at least one night in San Jose.  Perhaps it’s because I lived there and made so many friends in the area, or perhaps because there are just so many options for fun.  Between all the places I like to eat around town, and all the fun night life in San Jose, it’ll always have a special place in my heart.  It’s not the most beautiful city in the world.  In fact, it’s quite ugly, disgusting, and dirty, but there is no denying the amount of fun that can be had in San Jose, which locals refer to as “Chepe.”

The Perfect Costa Rican Bachelor Party Agenda

When you are in San Jose, there are many options for fun.  I’ll state for the record that all the adult entertainment is in the belly of San Jose, literally within about a 5 block radius.  You can find casinos, bars, American themed restaurants, and even massage parlors offering erotic massages.  Here is a rundown of the places that most guys will run into during a bachelor party weekend in San Jose:

The Hotel Del Rey

This is the the largest establishment in San Jose.  It houses a casino, a restaurant, (which is actually across the street inside the Key Largo, which is a late night spot owned by the same operation that owns the Del Rey, and last time I was there, a poker room and sportsbook.  I’ll say for the purpose of not coming back here all the time to update this page that the scene changes frequently in downtown San Jose and depending on who is getting their bribes, the casino, sportsbook, and poker rooms often open and close very erratically.  I was last there in February of 2016 and can say that all were operational and had customers.

I’m not affiliated with this person and didn’t make this video, but felt it did a good job of covering the Del Rey.

In addition to getting your gambling vice on point, drinking whatever you please, you also have the option of partaking in the Costa Rica sex scene, which is very in your face and rampant, with the over 100 women who frequent the hotel as prostitutes.  Your mileage will all vary, but they range from $40 to $300, depending on if they need money, like you, have made money that night, or have a drug habit.  Can you score a hungry for money woman at $20?  Absolutely.  Can you find one who will quote $300 and stick to her guns?  Absolutely.  There are no rules in Costa Rica, and pimping is illegal, so it’s the wild west in terms of striking a deal with a lady of the night.  Just make sure it’s a woman, because if you roam the streets, chances are, there are men out there with penises that will not only take your money, but perhaps much more!

I’ll go on record saying I know so much about this because my job was entertaining clients in addition to doing online marketing for a large real estate consortium.  When people wanted to invest in land, they came to us.  As the youngest guy in the firm, I would have to cater to everyone’s needs, take them out on the town, and ensure they weren’t banged up too much that they would miss our flight to see the land in the morning.  So I’ve lived quite a bit, done a lot, and definitely seen a lot.  San Jose was my watering hole, my virtual office, and my fun zone for many, many years.  I remain friendly with more wait staff and bartenders in the “zona roja” and really enjoy visiting and keeping up with people that were such an important part of my life living in Costa Rica.  If you are into name dropping, drop mine, or show a pic of me to pretty much any bartender in the place and they will treat you like a King.  Especially Fernanda, she’s like a sister to me.  Try it and report back, I don’t mess around.

Women in Costa Rica

The women in Costa Rica are among the most naturally beautiful in the world.

So that’s the Hotel Del Rey in a nutshell. It’s a place of debauchery, where any vice can be handled.  As mentioned, if you are up for some late night dancing with the women of the night, just shuffle on over across the street to the Key Largo.  Not only do you get a more active scene, but you also get live music and a lot of people looking to have fun.  They have a restaurant there, which I’ll say many people give rave reviews to, but on my last trip I got a little aggressive and ordered beef stroganoff at 4 AM and vomited everywhere.  I don’t know why I would order beef stroganoff in Costa Rica, but I’ll never do that again.  For me, I like to cater to people’s strengths, and in Costa Rica that’s rice, beans, and chicken.  The most common dish in Costa Rica is called “Gallo Pinto,” and it’s a mix of rice and beans.  I’m actually a fan of it, and put some Salsa Lizano on it for some flavor, and it does me right.  I’m not saying I eat it all the time, or that it’s my favorite food, but it suffices if it’s all that’s around and for most people, they eat it daily in Costa Rica.  Literally, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  That’s what it’s like for most people who are impoverished and don’t know better.

Getting on to the food scene in Costa Rica’s capital city of San Jose and getting off the morbid topic of living off of rice and beans, I’d highly recommend any male that comes down for a bachelor party to send off his buddy right with a steak at La Esquina de Buenos Aires.  I’ve been going here for years, and it’s the best Argentinian steakhouse in San Jose.  I absolutely love the place and make a point to visit it every time I’m in the area.  Get the Entrana (skirt steak) and thank me later.  If your super hungry, the empanadas are on point.  I like the empanada Roquefort personally, but they are all very good.

I’m also going to give a huge shout out to the best Italian Chef in Costa Rica – TONY.  He has been around at many places, but the last I’ve known of is L’Ancora.  If he’s there, you’ll know.  He looks like Luigi and is the best chef I’ve ever met.  He truly cares about his customers, and has been a friend for a long time.  Outside of those two places, there are many “B level” restaurants that are okay but none that I’d promote or recommend.  If more come to mind, I’ll update this page.

So you’ve got drinking, gambling, and now eating steak and Italian food, all in the books.  You’ve done all the man things your supposed to do, except for one very key thing:  strip club. 

Strip Clubs in Costa Rica

The best strip club in Costa Rica is by far Tango India.  Tango India VIP is the best strip club by a country mile.  Sure, there are cheaper options, and this is on par with strip club prices in the USA in Las Vegas, Miami, and Tampa, but when you are on a bachelor party you throw out the rule book and man up.  This place has women dancing from pretty much every country in the America’s, and they are very easy on the eye.  The coolest thing about the strip club is that there is a plane situated inside there.  Yes, an actual plane. You can get dances in the cockpit, the main cabin, or even get a hot tube suite in the back of the plane.

Tango India VIP has themed rooms that represent many different cultures.  You can rent them hourly and bring a dancer in there and negotiate what you want.  Or you can just sip on champagne in the company of a woman you like to be with and enjoy the hot tubs and take it all in.  There are flat screen televisions where you can tune in to whatever your heart desires while you sit in the company of whatever dancer appeals to your tastes.

As far as feeling safe, comfortable, and in a nice environment, nothing compares to Tango India VIP, which is located in the “La Uruca” district of San Jose.  It’s about 12 minutes from downtown San Jose and well worth the taxi cab ride.

Tango India VIP

The best adult entertainment in San Jose.

There are other strip clubs in San Jose, but I side with caution at my age and while I’ve been to all of them, I just don’t deviate from my knowledge and stick to the places I know I’ll have a good time at. There are places like Le Grillon, La Bella Mansion, VIPS Molino Rojo, Lipstick, and Elite.  The only one I really enjoy outside of Tango India is D’Pelufo in San Pedro.

Look, as a guy who can adapt to about anything life throws at him, I can tell you that I’ll have a good time at any strip club I named above when I’m with the right people.  For my money though, the place that’s safest and usually a sure thing is Tango India.  Definitely enjoy the rest of the spots if time permits, but I’m just telling you how I’d do a bachelor party in Costa Rica.

So you’ve done San Jose, and honestly with one or two nights, you’ll see and do the whole town if you do it right.  Now, it’s time to enjoy Costa Rica to the max.  Head out to Playa Jaco and enjoy the debauchery that it gives you just an hour away from San Jose.

Playa Jaco is a single man’s dream.   You have bars galore, a beach with great waves, (it’s dirty sand but whatever, when in Rome), and all sorts of options to party at.  There are also casinos!

My favorite thing to do in the Jaco area is to hang out and stay at nearby Los Suenos Marriott Resort & Marina.  It’s the biggest Marina in the country and has an ultra luxury offering of restaurants, bars, and provisions.  Jimmy T’s is where you buy your steaks.  The Hook Up bar is where you drink, eat, and hang out during your down time.  The marina is GORGEOUS, and if you want to take out a yacht for cruising, fishing, or just hanging out with new or old friends, it’s all there for the taking.

There are many rental properties you can get in Los Suenos.  You can rent from brokers or you can stay at the hotel directly.  I have someone I personally know who rents a 3 bedroom condo in the Del Mar area of Los Suenos and if you want to book it, just contact me.  I usually stay there when I visit.

So let’s talk about Playa Jaco, which is considered a very popular surfing beach.

Playa Jaco Costa Rica

Jaco may not have white sand, but that doesn’t stop people from frequenting this very popular beach.

The night life currently in 2016 goes like this.

Everyone can day drink at the best restaurant in town, which again is my opinion but I’m more than qualified in telling you my thoughts.  That’s called “Los Amigos.”  It’s right on the main drag.  There is only one main street so you’ll easily find it and not be confused.  Eat and drink there, and then, again taking into consideration this is a guide to having a bachelor party in Costa Rica, continue on over to the Cocal Hotel & Casino, which is on the ocean.  Once there, you can find drinking, gambling, and women.  Just like the Hotel Del Rey in San Jose, this is the place working women will frequent at night and be available to cater to your every need.

Or so goes the story….

Once that place closes down, the late night spot is called Le Loft. It’s owned by an American originally from New York named Adam.  If you come across him, just introduce yourself and he’ll treat you very well.  He’s a great guy and hires amazing DJ’s from all across the world.  You’ll have fun there in the mix of tourists, working women, and locals.  It’s been the go-to spot in Jaco for quite a few years and knowing Adam’s background in clubs, that won’t ever stop.

During the day in Jaco, I’d suggest getting a boat or yacht out of Los Suenos Marina.  You can fish or bring your women you meet and have some eye candy as you cruise along the Pacific Ocean.  It’s really your preference and there is no right or wrong answers.  You can also go on ATV tours, go zip lining, or see the famous Tarcoles River where you’ll find 100’s (if not 1,000’s) of crocodiles lounging beneath the bridge and giving tourists something to talk about for years.  I used to feed the crocodiles, which is now illegal, and some of my YouTube footage that you’ll see below as even featured on Animal Planet’s “Monster Croc’s” show.  I can’t make this up!  It’s a clip from this YouTube video I made years ago and although I didn’t get paid, it was a pretty cool feat to accomplish.  So I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

If you aren’t the type of person who will be able to make a return visit to Costa Rica, then don’t take this trip lightly.  Carve out an hour or two and make it happen.  These crocs are HUGE and you will be hard pressed to find a similar experience.  I’ve been all over Central and South America, and have seen a lot, but these crocs are a serious experience I’ve never replicated.

If you play golf, your in for a real treat.  The course at Los Suenos Marriott Resort & Marina is one of my favorite golf courses in the world.  It’s challenging and sits in the midst of a rain forest, making it one heck of a scenic backdrop as you hack around (at least in my case) the gorgeous landscaping and try to have a good round.

I couldn’t possibly make a better video then this one about Los Suenos, so here is a great overview of what it’s all about.

I also highly recommend checking out Croc’s Hotel & Casino.  It’s new, beautiful, and luxurious.  They have a very nice pool and a great location at the end of the strip.

I should be taking money for the advertising I do for all the businesses I talk about on this page, but I don’t.  I’m just a straight shooter and someone who has done this trip many times, mostly because I lived there and am proud to be someone who had the chance to live in lovely Costa Rica for a very long time and “do the most.”

If you want to to to some serious baller status and have a house that’ll cater to your every need, check this out.

This photo below, is the “Casa Ponte.”  The best VIP house for bachelor parties in the Jaco Beach area.  I’m not providing a sales pitch on this one, just “trust me” on this here.  It’s insane.  It’s the most encompassing house you’ll find to spread out and live lavishly.

Casa Ponte

The Casa Ponte is UNREAL.

Again, you can really have a great time in Costa Rica.  Whether it’s going there for the women or just to have some beers with your buddies in an amazing setting, it’s really a place like no other.  I promise you that.

Before I sign off and close this article, there is another place you should hear about. I  actually stayed here for my Costa Rica bachelor party and had a good time and feel a proper review is worth while.

So this is in San Jose, which again, is one of my favorite places in the world to party.  It’s just 7 minutes outside of downtown and is the most unique place I’ve stayed in.

If you Google “San Jose Costa Rica Penthouse,” this will certainly show up. It’s a private residence at the top of the Corobici Hotel in La Sabana.  It’s very appealing, but in true Things Men Buy fashion, we hold nothing back and aren’t afraid to tell people about the cons.  It’s run down, dirty, and old.  Is it perfect for a bachelor party in San Jose, Costa Rica?  Absolutely.

Costa Rica Penthouse

This place has lots of great views, but is very dated.

Again, it’s dated and not the best place, but if you are entertaining a large group and can get a good rate, by all means, go for it.

What to Bring to Costa Rica

Your mileage may vary, but I usually bring the following:

  • Passport
  • Personal items
  • Swimsuit
  • Workout gear (it’s hot at the beach, so I wear Under Armour stuff.  Visit this page and get a coupon for that brand.)
  • One pair of jeans (in case you go to a fancier restaurant – plus Ticos wear jeans a lot in San Jose because of the climate.)
  • Two to three polo or nicer shirts
  • Smart Phone (you can get access to your phone service and won’t miss a beat.  I use AT & T Passport.)
  • Two to three pair of shorts
  • Flip Flops

Also, if you are single, don’t forget to bring condoms.  You never know when you’ll find that spicy Latina of your dreams.

If you forgot clothing, it’s hard to find stuff at a reasonable rate down there.  It’s expensive and there aren’t many shops so you’ll be selecting from brands you probably haven’t heard of yet. 

Honestly, I could do Costa Rica with my backpack if I had to. I like to have options but for a weekend where you don’t need anything “fancy” you can get away with very little clothing in Costa Rica.

Well, that about wraps up my advice on having a bachelor party in Costa Rica.  I’m sure I’ll remember more stuff to report back when it comes to mind, but as a general recap, if you guys are looking for women and fun, here are the spots you need to visit.

  • Hotel Del Rey (San Jose)
  • Key Largo (San Jose)
  • Tango India VIP (San Jose)
  • Cocal Hotel & Casino (Jaco)
  • Le Loft (Jaco)
  • Marriott Los Suenos (Playa Herradura, adjacent to Jaco)
  • The Hook Up Bar (Los Suenos)
  • Crocs (Jaco)

Oh, and if you are looking for a place to stay in San Jose, there are many.  However, there really aren’t many luxury hotels, so if you are used to that sort of stuff, you’ll have to go to my old home town of Escazu and stay in the Intercontintental. It’s either that or the new Radisson.

Oh, I almost forgot.  The Hooters restaurants in Costa Rica are off the chain.  The women are young, beautiful, and friendly.  Trust me.

Now, enjoy your trip to Costa Rica.  If you are worried about bringing to much baggage, read this – how to pack light for your trip.  You guys can thank me later.

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Lewis Gordon is a successful businessman living in Boston, Massachusetts. When he’s not working, he enjoys travelling – especially tasting other cuisines, scuba diving, watching and playing soccer. Lewis also has a love of dogs and is the proud owner of an English Setter.


  1. Adriana

    Thank you, Tim!
    I am helping my friend plan his bachelor party and with your article you shone a bright light in Costa Rica. Thank You!

    • Admin

      Your friend will have a great time in Costa Rica. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

  2. jim mcginnis

    Greetings, I am the new owner of Centerfolds in Jaco Beach Costa Rica. I have been in the industry in the United States and Las VEgas for 20 years. I would like to see if we could network and do business together. Looking forward to your response

    • Admin

      Hi Jim,

      I’ll email you. Thanks for reaching out.

  3. Joe

    Great article. Was wondering if there were any thoughts on when to visit Jaco. I’ve heard of dry and wet seasons with the wet ending in mid November. Would it be worthwhile to visit in mid October? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Admin

      Hi Joe,

      Honestly, any time is good, except during Christmas and Semana Santa. In mid October you COULD see some rain, but it shouldn’t be too bad. The wettest months are during our (USA) Summer.

  4. Anthony L.

    I used the contact form and reached out to Tim via email. After reading about him on Google, I figured there wasn’t a chance he’d even reply to me. Not only did he reply, but he went into detail on a few questions I asked of him. Considering the public figure that he is I was really surprised to get such robust answers from him. Made my day – and my trip! Thanks Tim!

    Guys, don’t hesitate to do a bachelor party in Jaco. It’s off the rails!

  5. Juggernaut

    I am planning a bachelor party trip to Costa Rica in 1st week of July. We’re a little concerned how much will the weather ruin the trip. We’re planning a 4 day trip and I would like to get in touch with you regarding things to do.

  6. John W.

    I was just in Costa Rica for a bachelor party and it was off the charts. I have to say that this road map is the best game plan for any man who is looking for a proper send off.

    My trip was mostly in Jaco, and the Jaco area was POPPING. We did it prior to Semana Santa (Easter week) and there were way more women than men. We did sport fishing in Los Suenos Marina and rented a house there on property. While they will give you a hard time for having a party in those houses, they were BUILT with that in mind. They are very big and spacious with older finishings (I would do the same if I knew people were coming to party there). Plus, the location is very safe. Los Suenos Marina and the Hook up bar were great spots and amazing recommendations.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this game plan to anyone who is looking to have a party in Costa Rica the right way.

    • Admin

      Thanks for the report, John! Totally appreciate feedback, given I haven’t been there in a while. I always like to keep this Bachelor Party agenda fresh, so if anything changes, I appreciate alerts. I’ll be going down this Summer for my 40th.

  7. ryan sequeira

    Hey , Me and buddies leave for a bachelor party to Costa Rica on Sunday for a week. Any way I can contact you to pick your brain on a few things.


    • Admin

      Hey Ryan,

      Sorry to have not seen this – I was in Iceland when this came through and was disconnected. Hope your trip was all that you imagined, and more!

  8. Jd

    Where to stay in jaco!!! Throwing a bachelor party. Want a house we can party and bring girls to. Any suggestions on property. Best time to go. Places to party. Fishing and golfing

    • Admin

      Rent a house in Los Suenos. has many houses that you can rent.

  9. Admin

    Sure, shoot me an email.

  10. Nicolas Gonzalez

    Tim looking to get in contact to set up a bachelor party was wondering if you could help? I saw in your bio you like cigars, I’ve got boxes with you name on them let me know thank you for your time

    • Admin

      Nicolas, I can give you some pointers. thingsmenbuy AT

  11. Alexander Nieves

    Planning bachelor party for my two brother labor day weekend 2020… Need your advice tim..
    Thank you

    • Admin

      Alexander, how can I help you?

  12. Benjamin

    How concerned should we be if we’re going during Easter?

    • Admin


      Everything slows down, and some places flat out close, during Semana Santa (Easter Week.) It’s really hit or miss.

  13. Marshall

    So the only place we could book for my buddy’s bachelor party is in Guanacaste….Is it really that bad? Any particular suggestions for this area and what the night scene/girl scene is like?

    • Admin

      Hi Marshall,

      The only places you’ll find any groups of women is Tamarindo and sometimes Flamingo from what I hear. It’s nothing like Jaco or San Jose in terms of the whole scene you’ll find in those parts.

  14. Nick

    If you rent a house in los suenos any gated communities to avoid that don’t allow the girls at the house

    • Admin

      Hey Nick, none come to mind. It’s all one gate, really, with sub-gates. If the owner has a no guest policy it’ll be known in advance, the gate doesn’t care.


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