Colombia Guys Getaway

All guys are entitled to the occasional getaway. If you’re looking for some excitement and adventure, there’s no place better than Colombia. Imagine spending a few days in Columbia with your closest friends – away from work, family, and responsibilities. During the day, your group can burn the daylight hours touring the city and participating in unique adventures like a hike in Tayrona National Park or a climb up Monserrate Mountain. After nightfall, indulge in Colombia’s best nightlife features from the clubs and casinos to the pool parties and strip clubs. Here are just a few activities you can enjoy during your Colombia guys getaway.

Nightclubs in Colombia

You’ll find numerous nightclubs throughout Colombia, especially in tourist areas like Medellin and Cartagena. In different areas you can expect to see different clientele. The Parque Lleras area is typically full of young men and women under the age of 25. At these venues you’ll find cheap drinks and tons of beautiful women. In Parque Lleras, you’ll see many patrons club hopping to nearby bars that play a diverse array of music, including reggaeton, bananato, salsa, dance, and hip hop. Most nightclubs in Colombia carry on until the early morning hours.

Strip Clubs

If you prefer a more laid back activity, grab a table at a strip club with your friends. The girls on the poles are gorgeous and you won’t be rushed into paying for private rooms at Discoteca Fase. When you’re ready, you do have the option to pay for a lap dance. As most of the strip clubs in Colombia have a cover charge, you’re better off splurging on table service for your group. You can also expect to purchase drinks for the girls which will set you back about $10 per drink, but it’s part of the culture so do so with a smile on your face.  This is a very similar experience, and someone would say, even more enjoyable than what you’ll find at Tango India VIP in Costa Rica.


Colombia has long been overlooked as a tourist destination, but more and more people are now discovering its natural beauty. The beaches in particular are one of the more spectacular sights. Spend the day with the guys hanging out on the sandy shores of one of many beautiful beaches in Colombia. Some of the more mentionable beaches to check out during your visit include Capurgana y Sapzurro, Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona, Playas de Providencia, Palomino Beach, and the tropical hideaway of Naqui.


Colombia is well-known for its untouched landscape filled with lush rainforests, Andes Mountains, and tropical animals. You can see Mother Nature at its finest by touring the area via a tour guide service. offers customized tours with hotel collections and drop-offs. You will also have access to an English-speaking guide and GPS coordinates so that you can see your tour in advance. Some of the best places to tour in Colombia include Guatape and Rock of El Penol, Jardin Coffee Region, and the city of Medellin. During the city tours you’ll get to see some of the city’s most famous sites and landmarks. You’ll also have plenty of time to stop at some of the local dining establishments for traditional cuisine.

Pool Parties

The climate in Colombia is very warm and tropical, making it the perfect location for year-round pool parties. These adult pool parties are of the same magnitude that you would find in Vegas but with more exotic women from all walks of life. There are venues throughout Colombia that host events. These venues feature large pools with adjoining Jacuzzi tubs that can accommodate 50 or more people. While Colombia does have a rainy season, the weather is fairly predictable with clear, sunny skies most of the time.


As you’ll likely be arriving to Colombia by plane, you’ll need to secure transportation before doing anything else. While the area has taxis and public transportation, you’ll want to skip these in favor of private transportation. Limousine travel is definitely the best choice for getting around Colombia. Not only can a limo accommodate your entire group at once, you’ll also gain access to a variety of in-car amenities. As soon as your plane lands a designated driver will be waiting to help you with your bags and take you to your hotel. You can then use the limo to tour the city, get a few drinks at the bar, or cruise the streets in search of beautiful ladies.


You’ll have no problem finding a place for you and the guys to stay during your getaway to Colombia. Air BNB Offers great party houses for large groups such as this 10 bedrooms The MYNT From oversized farms to high-rise penthouses, Colombia has tons of upscale housing available for any size party. You’ll find accommodations for both short-term and long-term stays, as well as housing that is ‘party approved’. Inside the properties are everything you need for a comfortable stay in Colombia, from televisions and game rooms to laundry machines and gourmet kitchens.


If you have some extra cash to burn, try your luck at one of several casinos throughout Colombia. Most casinos in the area have common table games such as Black Jack, Roulette, Poker, and Texas Hold’em. However, take note that not all gambling halls offer card games or tables. Some of the most popular casinos include Gran Casino and San Fernando, located in Medellin near the Mall Oviedo. The casinos are also within walking distance of some amazing restaurants, shopping, and parquet lleras. Winning some money is a great way to end your guys’ getaway in Colombia.


Of course, you’ll have to eat during your stay in Colombia. However, you don’t have to settle for an ordinary restaurant. Sample the local cuisine by dining at some of the area’s trendy themed eateries. Some of the most popular restaurants include notable names like La Rioja La Taqueria (Mexican), Abarroteria (Italian), and La Nina Juani (traditional Colombian fare). For dessert, head over to Dolce Arte for delicious ice cream and coffee. If you’re a self-exclaimed foodie, you’ll love trying authentic dishes from the dozens of restaurants through Colombia, as each offer unique ingredients, flavors, and dining themes to enjoy.


Colombia’s lively party scene is what makes it the perfect location for a guys’ getaway. Grab a few drinks and a few beautiful ladies and enjoy late night parties that span until the early morning hours. The opportunities for late night partying are plentiful, whether you’re interested in a club event or just want to frequent the local bars. These places are where you’ll find a large selection of diverse women who are friendly and love to chat and dance. You can also meet women in downtown Medellin, as well as in upscale neighborhoods such as Pabablo. If you’d rather host your own party, consider renting a Medellin mansion.

You probably don’t get that many guys’ only weekends. Make the next one count. Make plans with your buds to explore all that Colombia has to offer. From the endless drinks and delicious cuisine to the grand adventures and gorgeous ladies, everything you could ever want can be found in cities like Medellin and Cartagena. Unlike most big cities in the States, Colombia is also quite affordable. Make the most of your mini-vacation by planning your trip ahead of time. Create a flexible schedule of all the things you want to do during your visit and call ahead for transportation and accommodations.

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