Chicago Bachelor Party Ideas

Congratulations on getting engaged! Now that you are ready to get married, you have decided to throw a bachelor party with your best buds in Chicago. Although Chicago isn’t as famous as Las Vegas for the best destination for bachelor parties, it really doesn’t mean you can’t have fun here.

Chicago city is full of friendly faces and has some of the best bars and other establishments made for bachelor parties. But before you head out to Chicago, you need to make sure that you plan ahead because there are tons of places that you may not be aware off. We have collected a number of different bachelor party ideas that will make you have one hell of a party in the city.

First off, you got to know the right time to visit the city. It is highly recommended to visit Chicago during summers because it is a very busy season. There are weddings going on, baseball taking place and a lot of other folks heading town during the summers. So you’ll have plenty of seasonal activities to attend to when you are there during the summers. Although fall is also a good option if you like the party to be a little traditional.

Best staying option

If you’ve got tons of money to spend, try the Thompson Chicago hotel. It has a penthouse suite which offers you stylish rooms with pool tables and an excellent view of the city through their luxury terraces. But if you’re short on money and want to spend most of it on doing various activities, try your luck at local hostels like the Holiday Jones. A balanced place to stay would be the Longman & Eagle which has the number one hipster bar in the city and offers over 300 types of whiskeys. Each room has an Apple TV, Netflix preinstalled and vintage tapes to keep you entertained during your stay.

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Best places to visit during the day

Try going to the Downtown beaches that come with tons of activities like volley ball and more. Every beach in the area has its own bar. If you are a gentleman and enjoy a bit of sports, head down to the Sydney Marovitz which is an affordable public golf course just on Lake Michigan.

Chicago bachelor party bar hopping

There is no shortage of bars in Wrigleyville.

Another popular bachelor idea during the day is to crawl a bar area. Bar crawls have become a popular bachelor party idea in the city because it is easy to plan and visit. Just head down to Wicker Park, Wrigleyville or Lincoln Park and find out the best bars in the area.  There’s always a festival going on in Chicago so you could also hit one if you like experiencing festivities with your friends.

Adult only bachelor party ideas

A bachelor party isn’t complete if there aren’t some adult activities involved. In Chicago you can find everything from a strippers club to prostitution. How you want to take advantage of that is up to you and your friends.

But if you want an all around experience, just visit the Pink Monkey which allows you to bring your drinks. The girls here are extremely hot and the food is pretty good too. If you are more of a nudity loving group, head over to the Admiral which is extremely popular as far as strip clubs are concerned. All girls are pretty hot and they are always naked. There is, however, a downside, you can’t drink in this strip club. So just go there if you want to enjoy girls in their full glory dancing on your laps.

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