Where is Rack City?

So you may have heard people use the term “Rack City.”  If you have, and you haven’t a clue as to where this term has come about, I’m about to spit some knowledge on this subject and make sure you walk away with a solid answer.

Where is Rack City Located?

This is referring to “the City of Racks” which can only be Las Vegas.  If you haven’t read my full breakdown of how to do a bachelor party in Las Vegas, make sure you read it on this page.

Note:  you may want to order a martini before reading that page.  It will get you excited to go to Vegas.

It’s said that the origin of this slang term for Sin City came from Rapper Tyga, who is most famously known for dating Kylie Kardashian.

Has the name stuck?  I don’t know.  I know that most people don’t even know what Rack City means, which is why I created this page.  Probably one of the dumber updates we’ve done here on our website, but if it helps one person solve an argument, then mission accomplished.

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