Los Angeles Bachelor Party Ideas

So you’ve probably already figured out your wedding venue and have already bought your girl the best diamond ring you could find. But before you go to the church and take your vows, it’s time to celebrate the last few days of your single life with your best friends, which essentially means its time to go and have a bachelor party. When it comes to bachelor parties, everyone knows that Los Angeles is hands down the best destination in the world to through a party.

But have you everything planned out? Do you know where you will be going? You’re going to have a very limited time so it is best that you decide what to do and when to do well before you have landed in the sin city. This will not only save you time but will also make sure that you don’t miss out on the fun. Here are some great Los Angeles Bachelor Party Ideas to plan your awesome party.

Day time activities

We’re assuming that you have already a hotel room or suite booked at one of the many premium and luxury hotels in Los Angeles offering special spaces for Bachelor Parties. Now that you have landed in the city and have your luggage and belongings well settled, it’s time to begin your party with some not so crazy daytime activities.

How about you start with heading out to take a day trip across the city? Los Angeles is a great place to tour around and just see the people and places of the city. Head out on a ride and enjoy with your friends.

If that’s not the game for you, you and your pals can also go and enjoy a few video games at the Button Mash or EightyTwo. Both places have tons of video game arcades and many other activities guys love. Some pubs and bars also offer different amusement vending machines provided by LA’s most famous amusement vending operator, as well as billiards, and air hockey. When you’re done gaming, you could head down to whiskey testing and enjoy a couple of shots of great scotch and other whiskeys from around the world.

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Night time activities

When the sun sets, the real fun begins in Los Angeles. There’s plenty of adult entertainment in the Sin City, you just got to look around. Los Angeles is home to some of the country’s best strip clubs which are filled with young, hot and sexiest women in the world. Head out in one of these clubs and have a time of your life. You can choose from either a topless strip club or go completely naked, both options are available.

When you’ve had your fill at the strip club, head over to a dance club and party all night. If you want to hit back your place before dawn, you could easily find girls in one of these clubs willing to head back with you to your hotel and continue the fun, games, and booze throughout the night.

Los Angeles bachelor party visit to Jumbos Clown Room

A bachelor party isn’t complete without a strip club visit.

And if you are in the mood for having a very scandalous bachelor party, try out the Jumbo’s Clown which is one of the best pole dancing clubs of Los Angeles. You’ll be thankful later to have been exposed to some of the best dancers in the world dressed up in custom made attires. Nearly everyone who is looking to have a time of their life heads down to Jumbo’s Clown and those who make it out safe, live to tell the tales for a long time to come.

Los Angeles is huge and full of party material, you should have no problem even if you don’t go preplanned. But it is always a good idea to plan ahead and book for the best places.

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