I.V. Hangover in Sin City

We’ve all been there; the recovery after a long, hard vacation. Sometimes, we need to take one or two more days off event after we’ve returned home just to let our bodies adjust. What if that step could be skipped, and no matter what you did on your time away from home had no residual impact on your body? A new method has come about to negate the effects of a long and arduous vacation, so that you can party as hard as you want without having to worry about potential repercussions in the long run says Jannie who is a nightlife expert and the owner of party planning company Bachelorette Vegas.

What is It?

Aptly titled I.V., this method of preventative “maintenance” to your body is harmless but has great effects. Your body fights off pathogens with the help of antioxidants; in fact, some of life’s most dangerous diseases can be warded off through steady levels of antioxidants. There is one antioxidant that stands out amongst the rest, but the body can not produce it by itself, nor does it survive the digestive process when taken orally. Glutathione is most effectively administered through I.V. treatment, which is the core of the Vegas I.V. standard.

With Intravenous, you’ll find your body on the receiving end of a pure, controlled dose of the very effective Glutathione. What this will do for you is eradicate any pathogens within your body prior to your vacation and help to boost your immune system through your stay in a crowded city like Vegas. You will be at a smaller risk of catching a cold or the flu from your fellow traveling carriers.

Hangover Cure

Local nightlife concierge service company Vegas VIP Services, who make nightlife reservations and babysit the group of guys all night, always looked for a way to help their guests with their hangover issues, lately, so many I.V. therapy companies popped out in Sin City to provide clubbers relief. These companies provide 24/7 service and even some went transformed the medical business into a Vegas style entertainment; Push IV is one of them; they hire sexy nurses to work mobile and give clubbers I.V. in their hotel rooms. And some International companies such as IV Drip from Vancouver, Canada provides the hangover preventative shots to the clubbers who are going to Las Vegas for never ending alcohol consumption.

Further Benefits

Outside of injecting a pure, overly effective dose of Glutathione into your system, Intravenous will also completely clean out your body, leaving you feeling refreshed after your treatment. As much as you’d like to think otherwise, the human body is a walking cesspool of airborne metals and other unfavorable objects. With the Intravenous therapy treatment, you can flush out your body in such a way that, shortly after administering the intravenous, you’ll be able to feel the difference. Where this comes into play is in your body’s ability to remain fresh and rejuvenated, no mater how much partying you partake in.

Whether you’re looking to drink the week away or have no plans on receiving a healthy 8 hours of sleep, a Vegas I.V. treatment will keep you from feeling that sluggish, run down feeling that’s bound to rear its ugly head. Feel as good as new each day without introducing sugar-coated energy drinks and other harmful supplements.

Vegas I.V. – What Else Can it Do?

Of course, a Intravenous treatment isn’t simply made for Vegas – it just helps to describe all of the downfalls of partying that it encompasses. If you’re planning on traveling across the globe, You’ll definitely want to consider Vegas I.V., as foreign countries always come with their very own downfalls. While you may not get sick from the environment, one sip of foreign water can send your body into a panic.

The I.V. treatment is quick, virtually painless, and extremely easy. All you have to do is lay there and let the dosage of minerals and supplements do their work. It is recommended that you receive one treatment one week before your vacation and one day prior. This will guarantee that your body not only had time to adjust to the introduction of these pure minerals, but that you’ll also have a fresh dosage in your system when your vacation starts.

Don’t let the perils of traveling get you down – go for a Vegas I.V. treatment and feel like a new, healthy person.

So next time you decide to get drunk partying in Vegas, have this in you back pocket.  Thank me later!

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