Las Vegas Bachelor Parties

So, you want to go to Sin City and throw down for your buddy who is getting married? Or maybe even just for yourself. Whatever the answer to that question is, we hope to answer that question for you and help you have the best bachelor party in Las Vegas.

Where else in the world can you see stuff like this? 

If you are looking into throwing a bachelor party, there are plenty of options out there.  We already highlighted the perfect Costa Rica bachelor party, but for those of you who wish to remain Stateside, there are few options better than good old Sin City.

The Best Way to Do a Bachelor Party in Las Vegas

This is the place everyone raves about.  The place where “what happens there, stays there.”  Sure, it sounds cliche, but who hasn’t heard that statement?  It’s about as popular as The Rock, and the various themes, settings, and of course, strip clubs and casinos, make Las Vegas the ideal spot to send off a good man into holy matrimony.

I had a bachelor party in Las Vegas, and it was a good time.  I visit Sin City enough to know most every nook and cranny of the area, and can really live over there like a local, so it wasn’t something that was new to me when I had my guys weekend in Vegas.

Need help with booking shows, excursions, or anything else?  Use and thank me later.

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

Everyone has seen this sign on TV!

While everyone has a different agenda, mine was set on hanging out with life long friends, drinking, and gambling.  Probably in that order as well.  As a loyal Encore customer and patron, (a Wynn property which is adjacent to it, but just a little more updated version) it was a logical choice for us to use as home base for our festivities.  The casino marketing department always treats us with comped rooms (we do gamble a bit), and the dealers, pit bosses, and pool staff always has a friendly smile for us and remembers us by name.  Feeling at home while on the road is certainly something I can appreciate, and the team at Wynn does this better than any casino staff that I’ve come across in Vegas.

Using the Encore as home base, we took full advantage of the Wynn European Pool, which is topless.  Not many people go topless, but the main advantage of this pool in comparison to the others is that it has more progressive, upbeat music.  The vibe is certainly trendy, and the many cabanas are a lot of fun.  It’s definitely something we look forward to every time we visit.

Blackjack Hand

The pool even features outdoor gambling in the form of a craps table and multiple blackjack tables.  This way, if anyone is hankering to play cards or shake dice, it’s right there for the taking.  The pool always has surprises.  We’ve seen people having sex, people throwing up, and we’ve heard stories from the staff of fecal matter being in the water.  Yes, in this first class, pristine hotel, which has won numerous awards, debauchery still takes place.  It’s Vegas, remember.

There is always a chance celebrities will be out and about in Las Vegas, and they mostly gravitate to the ultra luxury hotels, like Wynn and Encore.  It’s not uncommon to see athletes, musicians, and successful business people while hanging out there.

But this is a bachelor party, not a social coolness contest, so let’s dive right back into why we are on this page.

Things to Do for the Bachelor in Vegas

There are so many options of what to do in Las Vegas that it’s hard to cram them all in one page of this website, let alone a three to four day weekend with the fellas.

Let’s first look at the options of where to stay in Las Vegas.  While I’m a loyal Wynn and Encore customer, there are other options out there as well.


You need to think about hotel section with a lot of sub-components in mind.  Everything from the pool scene, the lobby area where people congregate, the room quality, the restaurants on premises, and the entertainment available in the form of bars, lounges, and clubs.  Think about each aspect and decide on a place that is well rounded to make you happy before you book your reservation.  This is a huge trip for your groom to be, so don’t fumble in the planning of where to stay.

You can’t buy Vegas, but as men, what’s there not to like about it? @wynnlasvegas #vegas#thingsmendo

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Above is a room I stayed in at the Wynn Las Vegas, one of the best hotels in Las Vegas.

If you want to really ball out and have space, grab a suite.  There are suites that have living rooms that can be very hospitable all the way to the lavish suites you see in movies like The Hangover.  If you can cram everyone in a suite, go for it.  Don’t be basic.

If you are a group of guys who like to drink in the room and “pregame,” call up Lee’s Discount Liquors and they will deliver to your room.  702-451-1000.

The pool scene is a critical one for so many reasons. Once you wake up every morning and stumble out of bed, usually with a hangover, there is nothing better than relaxing on the lounge chairs, chilling in a cabana, or just relaxing in the pool.  You can let the Las Vegas sun draw the booze out of you or jump right back on the wagon and have a bloody mary or other adult beverage of your choice.

Of course, this is a bachelor party we are speaking of, so don’t forget about the eye candy.  Find a venue with women around.  The older casinos probably won’t do you much in this respect, so stay to the trendy ones.  The Cosmopolitan, Wynn, and Drai’s come to mind.  Wet Republic at the MGM is another popular one.

I found this video of the Encore Beach Club, which is in Encore (Wynn’s sister property), and thought it was highly appropriate

The clubs, to me, are something of a hit or miss.  It’s just my personality, perhaps.  I enjoy the music, however you can’t hold a conversation with anyone in a place like that, so I prefer to do other things.  However, there is no denying that many men love the clubs, so I’ll give a recap of what’s out there these days.

Having a solid club in your hotel is good for many reasons.  One, you can get preferred access from being aa casino guest or even better, VIP access from your host.  When it’s late and you want to be out and vibe in the club, it’s always nice having that on campus and having that ability to stumble back to your room.  Perhaps even with someone you met out that night if you get lucky!

I found this video online which has a ton of good information for any of you looking to do the night club thing.

As far as the actual hotels I can recommend, most were mentioned, but in a recap I’d say the Wynn, Encore, Cosmopolitan, MGM Grand, Caesar’s Palace, and Palazzo are my top picks.  If you don’t mind being a tad bit off strip, try the Palms or Hard Rock.

Clubs in Las Vegas

Let’s be honest here, this is a fun place to go to clubs if that’s your jam. But you have to dress the part.  Don’t kid yourself, they run tight ropes so unless you are a huge casino player and true Las Vegas VIP, you need to pay attention to this or find yourself heading to the local Hooters.  If you are rolling with 10 dudes deep, your going to have to pay the piper.  Buck up and order some bottles, or be ready to grease the door guys about as much as half of that would cost just to stand in general admission.

You can get a host in Las Vegas (email me if you want one I can suggest) or even a nightlife entertainment firm that plans these types of nights out for you.  They will help you avoid waiting in line, create less hassle for you, and sometimes even get you in without a cover charge.

Grab a bottle of vodka, tequila, or if you high roll, champagne.  Women will want to be around you and that will create a good vibe for you and your crew.  You’ll have a good time and although it’ll feel like wasted money at the end of the night, it is a bachelor party in Vegas, right?


I think the obligatory steak dinner is one of the things men want when they have a bachelor party or just simply get together with friends.  I’m in Vegas very frequently.  While I can’t say I’ve been to all of the top steakhouses in Sin City, I can say that I’ve been to SW (at Wynn), Lakeside (technically a seafood/steak mix) (at Wynn), Nine (The Palms), and STK.  I don’t deviate much from those three spots because I truly enjoy them and go back a few years at each of them.  However, I’ve also heard great things about Delmonico (at Venetian), and Prime (at Bellagio.)

This doesn’t do it justice, but here is a video from Lakeside’s famous “Lake of Dreams.” 

Shows in Las Vegas

I’ll be the first to admit, I am not a show person.  I don’t have the attention span for stuff like this and just can’t sit through them no matter how entertaining they are to other people.  It’s not a knock on Vegas Show quality, it’s just my personality and I shoot from the hip.  Plus, if I’m with a bunch of guys I have been friends with for a long time, the last thing I want to do is take time away from drinking, gambling, and perhaps mingling with women!

For those of you who feel otherwise, there are many good shows out there.  My advice is to ask your casino host or Vegas entertainment host about what the hot new shows are.

Sports in Las Vegas

There are many events in Las Vegas that you can attend in person.  Sure, they don’t have a professional sports franchise right now, but there are a few coming very soon.  The UFC constantly fights in Vegas as does professional boxing.  I’ve personally seen Floyd Mayweather fight and while the actual fight was a letdown, the event in itself was legendary.  There is nothing quite like the crowd that shows up for a fight of that caliber.  Pretty much everyone in sports and entertainment shows up for these types of events, and I had a blast.  If your bachelor party in Las Vegas comes up on the same time period as a fight, I highly suggest that you look into ticket prices.

Floyd Mayweather

Love him or hate him, Floyd Mayweather is a huge draw in Las Vegas.

Strip Clubs in Las Vegas

Gentlemen, (and I use that term loosely) there aren’t many towns that can boast a lineup like that of the strip club scene in Las Vegas.  There are small, big, dirty, exclusive, VIP, and downright gritty.  Finding a Las Vegas strip club that you enjoy will be akin to finding a football game on television during the fall.  There are all shapes and sizes.

I suggest checking out Spearmint Rhino and Sapphires, to name a couple. Crazy Horse 3 has been fun in the past but I find it a bit commercial and too crowded to enjoy sometimes.  But everyone has a different taste, and those are definitely the top three that you will hear mentioned if you ask around.

Sapphires Dancers

Other Things to Do In Las Vegas

There is no shortage of things to do, and I’m sure I’ll miss many of them, but in an effort to do the most for all the guys out there planning that perfect bachelor party, here are a few of the things you can do if time permits.

Visit the Grand Canyon.

Sure, it’s just a canyon, but depending on where you come from, this could be something you don’t get the chance to see much.  It’s a modern day marvel, and if your into that type of thing, it’s there for your viewing pleasure.

Shoot Guns.

I’ve seen ads for a variety of places that will let you shoot weaponry.  Everything from an AK 47, to glocks, to much more, you can do quite a bit of damage at places like this and I am willing to bet it’s not an every day experience for most guys.

Jump off a building.

The Stratosphere Stratosphere Las Vegas Hotel Casino still offers a place where you can jump off a building.  I bet they don’t offer that where you come from!

That’s about all I have on Las Vegas and having an awesome bachelor party.  If you find yourself finding this guide useful, please share it.  I’d love to hear how you all made out, so please come back and share your comments!

And remember, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”  Except herpes and other STD’s, of course.

Tom’s Pro Tip: 

For those of you guys visiting Vegas, our “dating specialist” Tom Savage recommends that you check out these dating apps to meet women in Las Vegas.  The reason he really stresses joining these is that there is NO SHORTAGE of strippers and escorts who use these apps to meet men.


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