New York City Bachelor Party Ideas

New York City is probably the best place after Las Vegas to throw a bachelor’s party. It is brimming with lounges, strip clubs, executive hotels, and restaurants. Typical bachelor parties consist of a group of dudes celebrating the end of the groom’s single days by drinking tons of alcohol, watching women strip and partying until the sun is out. If that is the kind of party you want, then New York City is the best place to be. However, before you head out, there are some key factors to keep in mind that will make your bachelor party a successful one.

The key to a successful bachelor party is to make sure that there are no barriers when it comes to partying. A lot of dudes want to stay sane and never go past the line but where’s the fun in that? If you are looking for a crazy over the top bachelor party for you and your friends where anything could happen, follow these simple rules and ideas for a bachelor party in New York City.

Where to stay?

New York City has some of the best hotels in the world. But a lot of them are also expensive and may be out of reach. For a balanced, all around experience, look for a suite in a hotel which a very affordable and friendly bachelor party idea. You could also go for a private apartment or get a room in a bar.

If you’re looking elsewhere on the east coast – check out Boston bachelor party ideas here!

Where to find live adult entertainment?

For a bachelor party to be crazy, there has to be hot women performing live at your preferred staying place. There are many companies in the New York City that provide girls for partying, sex and other activities. You could call up one of these companies and arrange for girls to head over to your place. Put on some great trance music, grab those drinks and just dance the night out if you are in a mood of a little bit of adult entertainment.

Where to find alcohol?

In New York City, you’ll never run out of booze no matter what the time is. If your hotel suite isn’t already providing you with an unlimited supply of alcohol, don’t worry. There are tons of 24/7 stores in the city that provide you with all kinds of booze. But keep in mind that 24/7 stores may charge you extra for alcohol, so always have some extra on your hand if you run out during the late hours.

Places to visit

If you love heading out to celebrate your bachelor party, try areas like the Chelsea Piers Sports and Entertainment Complex, Bowlmor Lanes, Pacha Nightclub or Truman’s Gentleman Groomers.

go to Pacha NYC for your New York Bachelor Party

Pacha NYC

Each of these areas specializes in some sort of activity that you and your friend buds can enjoy. For example, the Pacha Nightclub has plenty of options if you love clubbing. This is the perfect location to find hot girls to bring them back to your suite and party with all night. There’s even a private party space within the nightclub to help you enjoy the best the club has to offer in full privacy.

If you want to try something different, head over to the Velvet Cigar Lounge which is a great back spot in the East Village to help you and your friends relax before the party starts. The lounge has many hand-crafted cigars to test and an experience that is great for a bachelor party idea.

Just try not to visit strip clubs in New York City because they are some of the most expensive in the world. Instead, head over to clubs and find girls to bring back to the hotel suite or call one of the services mentioned above to bring girls back to your place.

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