RFID Neck Pouches and Money Belts: What is RFID Theft Anyway?

As men, we often buy things that we don’t need – then forget to purchase the things that are beneficial. When it comes to protecting your money, and your identity, there are few things worthier of your cash than an RFID wallet or stash.

The truth is that people out there have the power to read the personal information on your credit and debit cards – all when they’re tucked neatly into your wallet or pocket. The reason for this is the modern convenience of “RFID” chips. RFID or radio frequency identification devices, make use of tiny chips that store your personal and financial data. These chips can be found in everything from professional identification cards, to passports.

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Though these chips are useful – ensuring that you don’t have to enter your pin number or spend time swiping with the benefit of “contactless” payments, they also feature several unique threats. After all, if official technology can read the information from your RFID chip, there’s always a chance that malicious individuals might learn how to access this data too.

So, how can you protect yourself?

Using an RFID Neck Security Wallet or Waist Belt

RFID neck wallets, security pouches, and money belts have become increasingly popular solutions for those in search of a quick and easy way to defend their property. After all, a hidden waist pouch can conveniently slip beneath your clothing, keeping passports, credit cards, and other vital items safe while you travel, run, or even just head to the store. At the same time, an RFID travel neck pouch works on the same premise, hiding beneath your clothing so that your valuables are less likely to be targeted by thieves.

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RFID neck wallets and money belts work to protect your personal belongings on two levels. First and foremost, when you’re traveling, or you’re out and about, they offer you a safe location in which to store cards and identification. If thieves can’t see cards and passports sticking out of your pocket or falling from a bag, then they’re less likely to try and steal from you. Secondly, the right travel neck pouches and wallets, are pre-designed with RFID blocking linings. This unique material is carefully crafted to block unwanted scans, ensuring that your private information remains private.

Defending yourself in a World of RFID Implementation

Despite the risks that come with RFID chips, they are being more frequently in today’s fast-paced and technology-obsessed world. Only a few years ago, it seemed as though no-one knew what RFID was, yet today, the technology is creating a storm of activity around the globe, from the United States and United Kingdom, to Australia and Europe.

The unfortunate truth is that whenever you carry RFID-enabled items with you, you run the risk that someone might be able to steal your information using a scanner. Unfortunately, most of the time, when thefts like these are accomplished, the victims don’t even know that they’ve been targeted until it’s too late.

Although the technology in RFID chips is improving, and RFID-enabled cards are safer today than they were a couple of years ago, many experts still recommend using RFID-blocking stashes and materials to protect yourself from thieves.

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