It has been an honor for you to take on the role of the best man and each time you think back at the moment the soon to be groom asked you if you would stand by him on the day of the wedding, the most wholesome man tears threaten to spill out of your eyes. It falls upon you to help out before and during the festivities and while being bombarded with text messages from the maid of honor about coordinating the colors of your outfits is not exactly how you’d prefer spending your time, arranging for a killer bachelor party sure does make you glad to be a part of the wedding preparations.

All You Need is Friends

bachelor party ideas

This is the most important part of the party planning. Who you are with matters most. You get the snooty people every day in the office, you deal with the in-laws a few times every month and you suffer through the awkward small talk when that one guy you went to high school with wants to catch up with you while you are running errands. None of that! Talk about it with the groom and put together a guest list that only has the names of the people he’d be happy to have by his side. Talk him out of inviting the guy that helped him move his furniture once. He might be great, but the bachelor party guests are more of a ride or die kind of people on the spectrum of acquaintances.

Have a Feast

If all the guys have set apart time from their busy schedules to come celebrate their buddy, you better make sure there is plenty of food and plenty of drinks to keep everyone in a good mood. You should make sure you’re well stocked. There’s nothing more embarrassing than the guests having to measure their bites and sips to stay within the limits of what’s on the table. In fact, feel free to contact the rest of the guys beforehand and have them involved in coming up with the menu for the party. The best part of having them on board is that you now have a full on team doing the thinking together. No need to stress solo about how to get the most delicious drinks while staying on budget. Work together and it won’t feel like a burden as much.

The Wild Card

It has to happen. This is the bachelor party, it has to have that moment where everyone’s adrenaline levels spike up a bit, the moment that will be remembered by all those involved for years but only acknowledged with a subtle nod and knowing look. So how do you accomplish something like that? Surprising everyone with a trip to Vegas? Good idea, but a nightmare to organize when dealing with working adults that can’t just take days off whenever. Skydiving? You can’t do that when the groom has a well-known fear of heights. Think simple. Gorgeous women do the job just fine. Have some hot strippers spice up the atmosphere and no one has to get fired over days off in Vegas or be in fear of their life while free falling from a plane. Besides being the obvious eye-candy that they are, these women are experienced entertainers, their mastery of turning your bachelor party from a 6 to a sizzling 10 is not to be underestimated.

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Shield Yourself Now

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