Oh, Instagram. Such a guilty pleasure. While it’s great to post pictures of your life and see what’s happening with your friends and family, there’s also the voyeuristic aspect where you can ogle beautiful ladies to your heart’s desire. Technology these days is amazing, isn’t it? Never before had there been the opportunity for women to share sexy pics of themselves instantaneously to millions of testosterone-filled men around the world. I’d like to thank all those who made this possible. Our hats are off to all of you!

We spend a lot of time on Instagram and would like to think we’re a bit of connoisseurs when it comes to sexy women, so we’ve compiled a list of some of the hottest women on Instagram for your viewing pleasure. These are all a “Perfect 10” in our book, or the book of anyone who has any semblance of taste! Be sure to follow all of these ladies – you won’t be sorry!

Hottest Girls to Follow on Instagram

Jen Selter (jenselter)

We’ll start off with one of the inarguable queens of Instagram. You’ve probably heard of Jen before, and if not, where have you been? Over 10 million followers don’t lie!

jenselter booty shot

jen selter mirror selfie

jen selter abs


Sarah Vandusen (rahrahxoxo)

This girl has booty for days, it makes sense that she sells a booty transformation program in her bio!

rahrahxoxo booty instagram

rahrahxoxo ass photo

rahrahxoxo mirror selfie

Valentina Lequeux (valentinalequeux)

This Argentine fitness coach and model lives in Miami and sure makes the Sunshine State even sunnier!

valentina lequeux instagram booty

valentina lequeux mirror selfie

valentina lequeux booty mirror pic

Denice Moberg (deniceemoberg)

Here’s another fitness model, coach and blogger who lights up Instagram. You can follow her for her workout and diet schedules, but I’m sure you’ll have other things on your mind after you take a look at her photos.

denice moberg instagram booty shot

denice moberg mirror selfie

Anna Nystrom (annanystrom)

This beauty hails from Sweden and has compiled over 3 million followers in a short time. Check out Anna and you won’t be disappointed!

anna nystrom selfie

anna nystrom beach booty

We’ll keep at just five hottest Instagram girls to follow right now, otherwise we could be here all day loading moreĀ and more. Instagram is the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to sexy ladies, so we’ll update this post in the future with more to look at. Do you have any “must follows” that we missed? Be sure to comment below.

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