Tipsy Elves Ugly Christmas Sweaters

It’s everybody’s favorite time of year once again. That’s right, it’s Christmas time! One of the great things about Christmas is that we get to go to a lot of fun filled and exciting holiday parties. And when you go to these holiday parties, you’re expected to dress the part.

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Ugly and Funny Sweaters for Men and Women

For my money, there is nothing better than Tipsy Elves ugly Christmas sweaters.

I’m a big fan of the “winter season” and get myself into the spirit of Christmas EVERY year with a raging ugly Christmas sweater party.  Check out the pic from from of the recent years parties.  I mean how much better does it get when you have “Cousin Eddie” himself at your fiesta?

Ugly Sweater Xmas Party

This picture was from an ugly sweater party I hosted in 2012.

Why I Love Tipsy Elves Ugly Xmas Sweaters

At Tipsy Elves, they certainly specialize in ugly and tacky Christmas sweaters, and they have a whole host of other products that they are ready to sell. And their product line is expanding each and every day. So there’s always something for everybody at the Tipsy Elves website, and we are going to share all of the finer details so that you know exactly what to expect when visiting the site.

Click Here to See for Yourself – they have a SICK selection that will make you laugh your butt off.

Ugly & Tacky Sweaters Are Fun for the Whole Family

The great thing about buying clothes from the Tipsy Elves website, and especially the Christmas clothes, is that they have something for everyone. And they have something that will definitely make you smile. They have an award-winning collection of ugly Christmas sweaters; collegiate apparel and American flag clothing that will make you laugh and want to puke all at the same time!

If you came here thinking that this was your typical store, it’s about time you started to think again. If you’re looking for tacky Christmas sweaters, American flag jean shorts, ugly cat sweaters or a sweater that says Happy Birthday Jesus, then you are definitely in the right place. If you’re looking for the latest trendy fashions, then you have to go somewhere else because you’re not going to find it here. That’s kind of the point!

Keeping in accordance with the ugly and tacky Christmas sweaters, here are currently some of the Tipsy Elves greatest hits for men:

  • Men’s Happy Birthday Jesus Sweater
  • Men’s Snowman Nose Thief Sweater (Hint: You’re Gonna Laugh Your Ass off at This One!)
  • Men’s Tipsy Skulls Sweater
  • Men’s Break dancing Skeleton Sweater
  • Men’s Ugly Cat Sweater with Bells
  • Men’s Dancing Snowman Cardigan W/Elbow Patches
  • Men’s Suspicious Gnome Sweater
  • Men’s Yellow Snow Sweater
  • Men’s Reindeer “Menage A Trois” Sweater
  • Men’s Reindeer Double Date Cardigan (White)
  • Men’s T – Rex Sweater
  • Men’s Reindeer Double Date Cardigan (Red)
  • Men’s Elf Sweater
  • Men’s Santa Sweater
  • Men’s Hanukkah Sweater
  • Men’s Black Santa Sweater
  • Men’s Headless Snowman Sweater
  • Men’s Nutcracker Sweater
  • Men’s Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer Sweater
  • and many more

Click here to take a look at the full lineup of men’s holiday sweaters.

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And now it’s time to take a look at the women’s holiday sweaters.

Some of our favorites include:

  • Women’s Happy Birthday Jesus Sweater
  • Women’s Snowman Nose Thief Sweater
  • Women’s Tipsy Skulls Sweater
  • Women’s Breakdancing Skeleton Sweater
  • Women’s Electrocuted Cat Sweater
  • Women’s Dancing Snowman Cardigan With Elbow Patches
  • Women’s Suspicious Gnome Sweater
  • Women’s Yellow Snow Sweater
  • Women’s Menage A Trois Sweater
  • Women’s Reindeer Double Date Cardigan (White)
  • Women’s T – Rex Sweater
  • Women’s Reindeer Double Date Cardigan (Red)
  • Women’s Elf Sweater Dress
  • Women’s Santa Sweater Dress
  • Women’s Hanukkah Sweater
  • Women’s Black Santa Sweater
  • Women’s Headless Snowman Sweater
  • Women’s Nutcracker Sweater
  • Women’s Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer Sweater
  • and so many more

Click here to check out the rest of the awesome women’s Christmas sweaters!

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Birthday Boy Jesus Xmas Sweater

Here’s one of my many Christmas sweaters bought from

If that’s not one of the best products a man can buy, I don’t know what is!

Patriotic Apparel

If you live in the good old US of A, or you just really love America and all that it stands for, then you are absolutely in luck. You can visit the Tipsy Elves website and take a look at all of the wonderful patriotic apparel that they have available.

This apparel is available for both men and women, and there are many different types of items in stock. No matter what you happen to be looking for, it is definitely in your best interest to check out this site if you are looking for patriotic American apparel, because they have so many wonderful options to choose from.

As a guy, you may have certain things that you are looking for as far as patriotic apparel goes. Some of our all-time favorite men’s items include:

  • Men’s USA Jumpsuit
  • Men’s USA Fanny Pack W/Koozie
  • Truth Trunks
  • Men’s Party like a Patriot Tee
  • USA Windbreaker
  • Men’s I Want You to Beer Me Tank Top
  • Men’s USA Tee
  • Men’s Patriotic Dare Tee
  • American Flag Fanny Pack W/Koozie
  • Ulysses S. Pants
  • Men’s Patriotic Tee with Stars
  • Men’s I Want You to Beer Me Tee
  • and many more wonderful options

And for the ladies, there are also many fantastic choices to choose from, and they include:

  • Women’s American Flag Shirt
  • Women’s American Flag Long Sleeve Shirt
  • American Flag Dress
  • Women’s USA Jumpsuit
  • American Flag Jean Shorts
  • Stars and Stripes Dress
  • Tribal Patriotic Dress
  • Tribal Patriotic Top
  • Red USA Fanny Pack W/Koozie
  • American Flag Fanny Pack with Koozie
  • Women’s Party like a Patriot Tank Top
  • Women’s I Want You to Beer Me Tank Top
  • and many more choices

Men & Women Jumpsuits

Even though there are many other types of items to purchase on the Tipsy Elves website, we are going to close out our review by sharing the names of some of the many interesting men and women jumpsuits that they have available for purchase.

Let’s start with the men:

  • Men’s USA Jumpsuit
  • White and Black Skeleton Jumpsuit
  • Canada Jumpsuit
  • UK Jumpsuit
  • Men’s Green Christmas Jumpsuit
  • Men’s Reindeer First Date Jumpsuit
  • Men’s Pink Reindeer Jumpsuit
  • Men’s Reindeer Love Jumpsuit
  • Reindeer Matchmaker Jumpsuit
  • Men’s Blue Reindeer Jumpsuit

And some of our favorite jumpsuits for the women include:

  • Women’s USA Jumpsuit
  • Canada Jumpsuit
  • UK Jumpsuit
  • Women’s Green Christmas Jumpsuit
  • Women’s Reindeer First Date Jumpsuit
  • Women’s Pink Reindeer Jumpsuit
  • Women’s Reindeer Love Jumpsuit
  • Reindeer Matchmaker Jumpsuit
  • Women’s Blue Reindeer Jumpsuit

And when you’re ready, please click here to visit the Tipsy Elves website to get a closer look at the women’s jumpsuits and other apparel.

Oh, and I almost forgot, they have college sweaters!  Like, very ugly college sweaters.  Take a look, they are 15% off for a limited time and will ensure you are the most popular person at your college tailgate!

Just so you all know this was purchased direct from the company, here is a proof of purchase you can view!

Proof of Purchase

This is the receipt received via email.

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